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FL-MM-MB-OH StatPath 5 Results, (FL) Thu, 11/23/06



The loafing is becoming disgusting! 

But, there may be something here very interesting to ponder! Look at the last four sums. There are 3 close and 1 out, ( 60 - 96 - 60 - 54 ). It could be that we have a valid sum cluster in formation mode! Somewhere close such as the 55 to 75 sum range? Compounding this possibility is the probability of seeing a return to chaotic phase due to the length of recent time in dormant residency.

The Florida Fantasy 5 lottery pool remained in dormant phase re-emerging in +D mode on Thursday, 11/23/06. This phase and mode is favorable for moderate or no wagering of bets utilizing the StatPath 5 Lotto System numbers for Friday, 11/24/06. The total sum migrated downwards from 60 to 54, and the average sum adjusted to 91.3


Entry #246


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