Roger Ailes' son at father's funeral: All the people who betrayed my father I'm coming after you



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If this article is accurate, then I have a few words for little Zachary. Son, with respect to losing your dad which ALL of us will face at some point if we haven't already, the facts matter. It's one thing to debate your dad on political views and how he promotes what dispersed on Fox New versus a bunch of women who've kept quiet out of fear-intimidation of your dad's financial wrath. See, your dad and Trump have something in common...they both do bad things and when they're sued, they simply wait it out via money as common every day folks don't have their kinda money to play with. I know you love your dad and don't want to believe the allegations but, ALL of those women aren't lying and neither are the people that believe and supported those women. You seem to follow Trump on the premise of 'loyalty no matter what' which includes gross wrong-doing.

Well, if you feel so strongly about this issue, then you need to retroact all things regarding President Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Charlie Sheen, and a host of others tied into this same issue. If you're honestly gonna go after all those who betrayed your father, then be sure to include every single woman that has a complaint against him. Zachary, you're still growing up, son, and and have an awful lot to learn about life in general okay. The very fact FACT that your mom, your dad's wife, isn't taking the same approach speaks volumes about what's really going on here. Your mom knows full well that your dad was playing around on her, A LOT, and simply dominated her through financial security. In laymens terms, she simply put up with his BS until he passed away, okay, and you should be on the side of your mom!!!! You only get one mom and dad but, YOU'RE still held accountable when it comes to right and wrong. When you're married one day, I'm sure you'll teach your kids to stand up for what's right's so long as it's republican...which is the problem here. Right and wrong have two corresponding affiliations...Good and Evil. You still have about ten years to grow and mature in life's experiences so, you get an honest pass based on're speaking out of bitterness. I can guarantee than anyone on this forum that has/had a dad that cheats on their mom which takes of the family and keeps it together knowing that dad cheats will side with mom every single time. Moms matter.

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