Huge cuts to food stamps part of Trump's budget proposal


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Avatar Soledad -
Conservative budget cutters strike. One would think after the purging of all the junk food, that the program would be safe from cuts and even receive full support for its original goal which is to help nourish the poor. Who is getting reinforced and who is getting undermined, and why. Those are questions that we should be asking. SNAP is a capitalist program. Why should it get cut, unless someone wants to try to gut the program? We all can't be billionaires. I'm not on SNAP, but I have used it for my kids in the past, and it did help.
Avatar amber123 -
What a surprise !!!This man is sick.
Avatar Jackyl -
Gotta pay for that wall somehow, that Mexicans say them selves, take a plane to the US, why doesn't the government just pay the people on snap to help build a wall, instead of starving the starved all ready.

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