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FL-MM-MB-OH StatPath 5 Results, (OH) Mon, 11/27/06


Last Edited: November 27, 2006, 11:20 pm


Here is some explanation of the ALERT status that may shed some light for you...

-C & +D modes are both considered "dormant" because they are positioned in the "median matrix", (Look in the NUMBER DISTRIBUTION section at the top of graph # 2).

At present, why is it that -C mode is considered "unfavorable for wagering bets the next drawing", while +D mode is considered "favorable for moderate or no wagering of bets the next drawing", when both modes are positioned in the "median matrix", and both modes are considered "dormant"?

The answer to that question is this...

There is a continuous (36) draw tracking session taking place. The beginning of the present tracking session is identified by looking for the date in graph # 2 that is deminished, (left side of the graph). As new drawings occur, a count is taken of every 4 or 5 match that appears directly following a -C or +D mode occurance. In other words, when the ALERT is cool, cold, or warm, and the next drawing  appears in "chaotic phase", ( 4 or 5 numbers appearing together to the left or right side of graph # 2), then that occurance is considered a "missed radical matrix" for the corresponding -C mode or +D mode.

At the end of the (36) draw tracking session, counts are tabulated of how many "missed radical matrix" ( 4 or 5 number ) hits occured directly following any -C or +D mode appearance. The mode that "missed" the least amount of "radical matrix" hits is considered the "favored" mode, and that is the mode used for the next (36) draw session.

What is the purpose for all the tracking and changing of the "median matrix" modes every (36) draws?

The answer is this: The mode that "missed" the least amount of 4 or 5 "radical matrix" hits the previous (36) draws is the most likely mode to "miss" 4 or 5 "radical matrix" occurances through the next (36) draw tracking session. Now, this is the mode for the next (36) draws that will be considered "unfavorable" for wagering of bets, and the other mode will be considered "favorable for moderate or no wagering of bets".

Why bother with all this changing of the guard?

Answer: It is a basic function of the StatPath 5 Lotto System to provide the most favored times to wager bets based on previous draw history and statistical analysis!

This technique is incorporated to provide the most for the buck when utilizing The StatPath 5 Lotto System as your guide in selecting when to bet, and when not to bet your money on lottery numbers.

Notice that the last four drawings appeared in -C mode. The last three drawing ALERT's were designated unfavorable for wagering of bets. See the light yet?

The Ohio Rolling Cash 5 lottery pool remained in dormant phase re-emerging in -C mode on Monday, 11/27/06. This phase and mode is unfavorable for wagering of bets utilizing the StatPath 5 Lotto System numbers for Tuesday, 11/28/06. The total sum migrated downwards from 102 to 99, and the average sum adjusted from 103.7 to 103.5


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