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FL-MM-MB-OH StatPath 5 Results, (OH) Tue, 12/05/06


Last Edited: December 6, 2006, 12:31 am


The Median Matrix was changed this evening. This change was initiated following the end of the currant (36) draw tracking session ending with this evenings drawing. The purpose of the change was initiated due to the amount of missed 4 and 5 Radical Matrix appearances occuring from -C mode. Now, +C mode ALERTS will reflect "favorable for moderate or no wagering of bets", and -D mode ALERTS will reflect "unfavorable for wagering of bets". There was 1 five match and 4 four matches missed from -C mode, and only 2 four matches favorably alerted from +D mode over the past (36) draws. This Median Matrix change should solve some problems with missed 4 and 5 Radical Matrix appearances and provide more accurate alerts. This change will remain for the next (36) draws.

The Ohio Rolling Cash 5 lottery pool returned to chaotic phase emerging in +E mode on Tuesday, 12/05/06. This phase and mode is favorable for wagering of bets utilizing the StatPath 5 Lotto System numbers for Wednesday, 12/06/06. The total sum migrated upwards from 101 to 106, and the average sum adjusted from 102.6 to 102.7

Notice that although we didn't have a favorable alert for this drawing, we did get a 4 match, and it appeared within the currant active sum cluster!


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