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Numerical Inundation


There's about a foot of snow all round my house. I shoveled the sidewalk and the driveway, but I hope that doesn't spell doomsday for the universe. Thank goodness somebody came along and knocked the snow back over an area that I had cleared! Who could have possibly known that these very snowflakes would come together in my yard? Watching the near blizzard conditons, it all seemed so chaotic. The notion of stochasticness seems so far removed, yet typicalness sounds much too ordinary. Maybe they're pretty much the same. I can't begin to fathom the unpredictability of all these unique crystals coming into my life. Each and every one of them has a story. I have a story. Alas, so many of them lie out there undisturbed. Their stories will never be known. Far be it from me to violate their privacy, but I can hear them unintelligibly whispering and laughing among themselves. I think the very lottery numbers I seek are right in my flower bed. Hmmmmmmm....
Entry #3


waynrComment by waynr - December 27, 2004, 4:32 am
ayenowitall, wait and play'em in July, when they ain't right, way too *cold* now.

White noise - you're closer to something there than you think if indeed you don't know it all. Does white noise have resonance? Shouldn't have right? Old TV w/no signal comes to mind. Maybe no one listened long and/or intently enough and/or in the right way to catch it not even by using modern day sophistication. You ever hear of a man in the 1800's who said everything that could be invented had been invented? I've always wondered what his brain stem led to.

Look at the long view

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