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A very long time ago I made this and never really used it, but I had it uploaded somewhere and after months or years I lost that Web space.

I kept the info data archived on my computer and or on a flash-drive and just a few minutes ago I got some Web Space and it is not exactly the same as I had before long ago, but I uploaded "the site" on to it and from what I can see it looks and works exactly the same as the original.

Take a look:


Of course, I don't have any use for it as it is right now there, but I was given 30 days to have a working site and so I didn't want to worry about that so I uploaded the site there right away, it took about 30 minutes to do most of the stuff as I am no longer familiar with that kind of thing.

I am not going to keep it as it is right now, I might make a few changes to it, for those who are new to making Web sites since my site is a very simple site, you might want to:

Go to a Web page and Rth Click with the mouse on the page anywhere on it then Lth Click on "View Page Source" so you can look at the HTML code that made that particular page and you can do the very same thing to each of the pages.

Since many of the pages are almost exact duplicates I suggest that you look at the source code of only two pages:

That of the "Home" page and that of the "Other Information." page.

It is a very simple site.

Later maybe little by little as the days go by I might make changes to it, because I haven't looked at Web page making and at HTML code maybe for many years.

It going to take maybe a few weeks or months to make the changes to the site, little by little.

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