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"Ahmadinejad May Be Heading for His First Major Political Defeat


I've read in a metaphysical article that both China and Iran are supposed to undergo "soft" revolutions.  I pray this is the beginning of that for Iran.  There have also been photos on the web which show a younger hostage taker back in 70's which looks like a much earlier version of Ahmadinejad.  He of course denies it and we know lunatics never lie.  If nothing else has been accomplished the US involvement in Iraq has flushed him out in the open so the people of Iran can see just how trigger happy he is and hopefully toss him off his throne.

No Pity! No Pity! No Pity! No Pity! No Pity! No Pity! No Pity! No Pity! No Pity! No Pity! No Pity! No Pity!

"Ahmadinejad May Be Heading for His First Major Political Defeat
Amir Taheri, Arab News

"While trying to project his image as a world leader offering an alternative to "American hegemony", President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of the Islamic Republic of Iran may be heading for his first major political defeat at home. In fact, some analysts in Tehran expect his defeat to be so decisive as to puncture the super-inflated image created by his friends and foes, albeit for different reasons.

It is in the context of two sets of elections, to be held on Dec. 15, that Ahmadinejad's defeat is expected to materialize.

The first election will be for local government authorities throughout Iran, deciding the fate of thousands of village and town councils that provide the day-to-day interface of the Khomeinist regime with citizens.

At present, the various radical Khomeinist factions that supported Ahmadinejad in the last presidential election control only a third of all local government authorities. The more conservative and business-connected factions, led by former President Hashemi Rafsanjani, control a further 25 percent while the rest have majorities of independents and/or regional groupings that are always open to new alliances.

Ahmadinejad had hoped to win a majority of the local government authorities for two reasons. First, he counted on a low turnout that always favors the more radical Khomeinist candidates. Four years ago, Ahmadinejad won control of the Tehran Municipal Council, the largest local government in Iran, and became mayor of the capital, in an election that attracted only 15 percent of the qualified voters.

The second reason that Ahmadinejad had in mind was the possibility of forging a broad alliance of all radical revolutionary factions while the more conservative groups led by Rafsanjani and former Majlis Speaker Ayatollah Mahdi Karrubi appeared unable to unite.

With just days before polling, however, both of Ahmadinejad's calculations appear in doubt. The conservative and moderate groups have abandoned an earlier strategy to boycott the election and presented lists of candidates in more than half of the constituencies. The opposition groups acting outside the regime have also toned down their calls for boycott. Thus, the turnout may be higher than Ahmadinejad had hoped. A higher turnout could mean more middle class voters going to the polls to counterbalance the peasants and the urban poor who constitute the president's electoral base. ......."

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JAP69Comment by JAP69 - December 9, 2006, 2:24 pm
Thanks for the good read.
Maybe the people that want to live in peace in that part of the world will do something about the crazies.
Maybe they do already but we do not get much headline news about it.
konaneComment by konane - December 9, 2006, 2:51 pm
Past few years have brought crazies out from all over, here in the US, news services and dictators. At least any hidden agendas they may have had are dragged out for full airing to know our enemies from within and outside the US. Now if Chavez would "es&d" the world might be a bit less entertaining.

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