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Makin' it up as he goes along


Dontcha just love people who re-write history as they go along????  Looks like Peanut is doing it again but got caught in a lie by a screen capture sent to the Powerline attorneys by named readers ........... plus they've posted that screen capture of the Carter Center web page which I verified at the time of posting this entry. 

I love technology revealing the truth.

Screen capture if it doesn't copy to my blog available here:  http://powerlineblog.com/archives/016168.php


"What would Jimmy do? Part 2


"This morning Newsweek publicist Natalia Labenskyj emailed us the political stories in Newsweek's new issue. One of the items in Labeskyj's email is Eleanor Clift's softball interview with Jimmy Carter, which I happened to read. Here is one question and answer that caught my attention:

[CLIFT:] You're obviously aware of your main critic, Mr. Stein, who used to be with the Carter Center.

[CARTER:] Thirteen years ago! He hasn't been associated with the Carter Center for 13 years.

When we were originally sent Professor Stein's letter explaining his resignation from the Carter Center last week, I looked Professor Stein up on the Carter Center's site. Professor Stein's Carter Center page is here,
describing Professor Stein as the "Carter Center fellow for Middle East affairs since 1983." A reduced screen capture of Professor Stein's Carter Center page is below.


In answer to the question posed in the heading, Carter would lie and then keep right on on lying.

Sincere thanks to readers Glenn Bowen, Peter Beddow, Tommy Germany, John Purcell, Colin MacLeod, William Hughes, Bart Lidofsky, Dr. David Shafer, William Katz and Jerry Heyman for the screen capture of Professor Stein's Carter Center page. ......."

Entry #698


ToddComment by Todd - December 11, 2006, 2:07 pm
Jimmy Carter is not just a bumbling baffoon and the worst President ever in the history of the USA, but he is actually dangerous to America at this point, going around the world spreading half-truths and seeding hatred toward America.
konaneComment by konane - December 11, 2006, 2:15 pm
He's getting caught bigtime on this one. This is not the last we'll hear because the errors are so egregious the MSM is going to have to get into the picture or they'll look twice as stupid as Carter.

I wonder if his brain is getting enough oxygen. Seriously.

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