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Study your state before you go out and spend a lot of money I try and be the most accurate that I can be but also I know the pitfalls of playing "too much" sometimes we have to step back and study . I don't get caught up in other peoples systems yes there are people here that I have great respect for if I'm stumped and can't figure out a pattern change then its study time. its like going to vegas every day and saying your going to leave with more than you ever dreamed of having . Play wisely and play no more than you can afford to lose if your bills are due pay them and don't play chances are you will come out ahead of yourself anyway. Do your homework sit down on some numbers and don't let anyone sway you into spending more than you can afford to lose  $20 adds up over time every day so if your not winning then guess what you've created a "payment" that you can't afford " ....hopefully over time you can study and play wiser than you did when you first got started on the lottery. Like I have said time and again if you get swayed at the corner store then fill out those slips march in the store and don't be swayed by what other people are playing just play what you went to play in the first place....nothing more. Even I take breaks 6 months here and there maybe sometimes 3 at a time but I come back b/c its fun and I do win. 


play wisely and keep your numbers in Sun Smiley

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Avatar grwurston -
That is some very good advice you have there.
Avatar partlycloudy07 -
Avatar eddessaknight -
Yes indeed, good stuff that adds up, Partly

If a non entertainment player chooses to make money, or at least, lose less ;-)
they will need an out of the box methodology to overcome the odds; the negative consequences of not playing with a edge, is that player will lose all their money and the money they don't have via ATM Machines :-(
Avatar partlycloudy07 -
when i'm in a slump i set my limitation and never go over them . I've seen people loss everything from cars to houses to marriages over the lottery.

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