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the years seem like they are getting faster


growing up seemed like it took 100 years and forever.now it seems like the opposite.seems like the days are flying faster and faster.this decade has flown by so far.this decade will always be memorable for two things and that is the war and terrorism.makes you wish for a simpler time.was vietnam as bad as iraq? too young to remember.....

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konaneComment by konane - December 21, 2006, 11:25 am
Mike, time is a construct people came up with measured by the passing of events, and yes since events are happening faster in the past 20 years .... time has effectively sped up because time is fluid. Not just your imagination. Also the older someone is the harder time they have adjusting to the pace of events.

The Nam years were far worse in my opinion because of the draft, because of the total annihilation threat during the Cold War, because of violence against the Civil Rights Movement, coupled with students marching against the war, some being killed by police at Kent State, and assassinations, attempted assassinations of leaders. Far more soldiers died during that era than Iraq. If we had the internet and instantaneous communication we have now perhaps things might not have been so turbulent with so many unnecessary deaths.

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