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galen grounds


growing up and watching my dad and grandfather put 32years,and fortytwo years in a factory just to die in their seventys.i made the deciison to retire with 30.7 years. but being in the factory backin 1976,i learn about the lottery. bookies back then would take your numbers and hand you money right after every eve.draw. i seen one women win 35,000 in one night. but i also seen people fall prey to loan sharks. the bookies made out real good. they would get 25cents on every dollar bet.plus they would get ten percent of every straight hit. back then i would loose about sixty dollars a week. i spent over 30 years to build a better mouse trap. and now i am starting to see some fruits of my labors.bu most people want something for nothing.i enjoy working on numbers.i have over  time been called a fool for chasing the dragons tail of the lottery. but i knew if i kept on his tracks a pattern would  devlop. numbers that are random flow up  and down and within time  flow right back in systems.thats why i belive that their is no 100 percent system.hope i did not bore all of you.bud1

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emilygComment by emilyg - December 21, 2006, 12:52 pm
Bud - i think of numbers as ocean waves - flow in and flow out. Interesting blog. thanks. em
Shawn67Comment by Shawn67 - December 21, 2006, 2:03 pm
Bud, I appreciate your contribution here. Your mouse trap seems to be working pretty well. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Here's wishing you the best in all that you do....Shawn
Sandy KComment by Sandy K - December 21, 2006, 11:18 pm
Pretty cool with the new system Bud and I appreciate you sharing.
Now, I am a fisherwoman.............now if you can help me catch the BIG BASS, I would sure like to set that trap for it.
I just got some Mimic Minnows for the spring, hopefully, that will do the job.
Again, thank you!

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