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I can't even  begin to tell you how much I appreciate everyone that follows my blog . I have viewers from all across the states and I never thought in October how many views I would actually receive so sometime last night I turned 50 k I share my knowledge not out of book but what I was taught and what I've learned over the years . All for FREE ! That's not going to change lets play to win . STUDY STUDY STUDY !!!!!!!! I still study myself so if I have to so do you b/c at the end of the day its a business to them and so make it your business to know more each day and link things together . I have so so much more to post but I'm trying to come up with a way so you can put it in the heading and it automatically pops up .....stay tuned working on it. Now I do appreciate the views once again but I'll post my next little Thank you at 75k ......I'm on a limited time frame when I'm on here till I get all those cars sold and I need to focus on posting numbers and lessons . BananaBananaBananaBananaBanana that's five of men to cheer you on! Keep winning share the knowledge and be a blessing in someone's life. If you see a new player struggling help them out as well. If you e mail me I may not always be able to answer right away.

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