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2007 World Series of Poker Update


Some of you may know that I am preparing to enter the 2007 WSOP. I'm not sure yet if I will enter a smaller event (like a $1,000 or $2,000 buy-in) or the Main Event. But either way, I am confident that I will place in the money. Perhaps enough to get me into the Main Event and become poker's next celebrity. Not that I want fame and fortune (well, fortune perhaps), but I think it would be cool to be a "somebody" instead of a nobody. And I could provide my family with things they've never had. My daughter, for instance, is a special needs student. After seeing her psychologist yesterday, he suggested we send her to a private school in Charlotte at a cost of $17,000 a year. At this point, there is no way in hell I could afford that, but if it's needed, I will do what I can.

Gambling $10,000 away probably isn't the answer, and I still have 4 years to worry about the tuition. The school apparantly teaches these kids how to live life on their own. Although as parents we are doing this every day to the best of our abilities, the school extends this by taking them on field trips, doing budgets, etc. in addition to grade-level academics. The public schools here are supposed to do this, but due to overcrowding, etc., they just don't have the resources to devote to the "special kids". Not only that, but our public schools are perhaps some of the worst in the country. The educators here just don't give a damn, and the parents of out-of-control kids who cause the headaches don't care either. It's a dangerous recipe.

I love my little girl, and outside of being known as a great poker player, I want to provide her with the best possible help to live life "on the outside" as comfortable as possible. So, that is my motivation.

Anyway, back to the update:

Week of Dec. 18, 2006:

18 1-table 9-person Sit-And-Go Tournaments

15 Cashes

As I write this, I have had a lead in the tournament I am playing now for 30 minutes (most of the tournament). It's been a pretty tight table, but grinding them down is the key to success in the Big Tournaments. Hopefully my luck will continue through next summer's Main Event!

Entry #15


weshar75Comment by weshar75 - December 22, 2006, 10:09 pm
Good luck to you in the tournaments that you enter. Tuck lady luck in your back pocket before you play.-weshar75
Comment by LOTTOMIKE - December 22, 2006, 10:09 pm
good luck!!   i'd love to see you get far in this.
cps10Comment by cps10 - December 22, 2006, 10:16 pm
Thanks folks! I am cashing another one as we speak on Absolute. That's 16-for-19 this week!
truecriticComment by truecritic - December 22, 2006, 11:46 pm
Go Keith Go!
First I knew. Is this online? Or live at a casino?

I wish you, your family and your daughter the best.
cps10Comment by cps10 - December 23, 2006, 9:45 am
Thank you TC. It is online for now. Perhaps I will eventually win a seat online instead of putting up $10k. Here is the funny thing...my wife has played for me a couple of times while I've been in the shower and has done well. She sometimes gets interested in poker. My son is such a math genius that he is also taking an interest - at age 6. Things could get competitive around our house soon! lol
cps10Comment by cps10 - December 23, 2006, 11:40 am
Another winner this morning in a Sit-n-Go at Absolute. 17-for-20 this week. May play one more today to end the week.

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