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primes monday-how t0 use them


using the combied3-4 mid,combined 3-4 eve.then adding these two three digits to get the third prime reveals a secret that i put together in 2006. i am now seeing not only that they produce 4-digits on time for the  week.but that they run into the 4th week and on.also iam finding another three digit run down  that  is just as good as the mid-3. dec,18 monday you end up with these 3 primes-+5.

795 795 172 172 041 041

806 684 283 061 152 930

917 573 394 950 263 829

028 462 405 849 374 718

139 351 516 738 485 607

check out 0611,3451,4450,8409 so far on time.worth mapping out every week.dont you think? 

Entry #19


Comment by bud1 - December 25, 2006, 5:56 pm
maybe-todd could have a program made up for lottery post on this for all members to use?maybe give me a life time membership?sure would be nice. im sure when they research this system they will find like me alsome results- on the flow of random numbers that l out .top bottom,and middle.bud1

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