Congratulations Rutgers!


For the first time in school history, Rutgers won a bowl game last night!

To put that in perspective, it's the first time in 137 years.

For a school that has wallowed at the bottom of the rankings for what seems like eternity, this has been one of the most amazing football seasons ever -- in college sports for that matter.  Nobody in the world would have predicted Rutgers would finish 11-2, let alone having a shot at finishing in the top 10.

Rutgers' season-ending game last night in the Texas Bowl put an exclamation point on their Cinderella story with a resounding 37-10 victory over Kansas State.

A big congratulations to Rutgers and its die-hard fans!

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Avatar cps10 -
That is a great story. I was pulling for them all the way. I guess my basketball team avenged its football opening loss to Rutgers this year by winning by 39 last night.

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