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3rd Rate Crews


I want to congratulate the University of Louisville and Wake Forest University for the fine football seasons they both had. Nobody expected them to be where they were, yet because of their accomplishments, they were rightfully rewarded with a trip to one of the oldest and most prestigious bowl games - the Orange Bowl in Miami.

The pregame was spectacular - Arnold Palmer was the honorary captain for Wake, and Muhammed Ali The Champ for Louisville. How could it get any better than this? It couldn't.

The game was a little less exciting than anticipated. Wake's normally exciting motion offense and UofL's normally powerful offense fizzled throughout the night. Entertaining game - good result for Louisville. It was almost like watching a bulldog chewing on a wasp.

To make matters worse, FOX - who's NFL announcers are top notch in my opinion - decides to give the game, which historically is one of the best in the land, a 3rd rate crew to annouce the game. Matt Vesergian (spelling?) and Pat Haden are probably two of the biggest boobs in Broadcast Land. They couldn't get anything right, and their commentary was atrocious. And to top it all off, their sideline reporter, and I can't recall her name, looked like she just got out of the spin cycle of a washing machine.

I know that it's "sexist" to make comments about a woman on the sideline. After all, it is a male dominated sport, and men like pretty young things roaming the sidelines making comments that go in one ear of a man and out the other. They could sound like Charlie Brown's teacher as long as they had a smokin' hot body, a pretty face, and gorgeous hair. Which brings me to my next point. If this is what the network powers-that-be are looking to do, get the attention of men, couldn't they have an attractive woman roaming? I mean Jill Arrington - who is my neighbor's granddaughter - is hot. So is Melissa Stark. Hell, I'll go so far to say that Bonnie Bernstein is not bad looking either. Give me your Sam Ryans, your Stacey Dales'. All suitable if you are trying to get that look. Like I said, their comments go in one ear and out the other. She looks great, so it's all good.

So, we have this wash mop with ears working the game last night. As if that's not bad enough. I will come back to her in a minute. The feel good story of the night is how Jon Abbate, a terrific linebacker from Wake Forest, lost his 16-year-old brother this past year to a car accident. Jon, the good kid that he is, dedicates this season - who would have known an ACC championship and Orange Bowl appearance was coming! - to his late brother. Great story. The kid plays with passion and is a ball hawk. He changes his number that he had last season of #40 to #5, because that was his brother's number on the high school team where he played. So it's all warm and fuzzy and up comes the wash mop to interview his parents. The usual B.S. questions come about, but then, the wash mop asks his dad what his late son would think of this accomplishment. Good grief woman! Leave the poor guy alone...he's about to break down in tears. How is he supposed to know what his son would  think? Probably something good inevitably. What a stupid question. Just leave the guy alone already.

Just a capper of a great football story, ruined by FOX's ineptitude to find good announcers and a decent "wash mop".

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