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President Bush continues to show flagrant disregard for our constitution and the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches of our government.  He is circumventing the veto process with his signing statements.  Thus he is saying, "OK, this is the law but I can interpret this law as I see fit."

There should be no signing statements on legislative bills presented to the president.  It should either be signed or vetoed.  With his 700+ signing statements he has surpassed all other presidents combined in using this tactic while having the honor of using the least vetos.  Why bother with a veto when a signing statement gives you authority to ignore the legislation in the name of "national security"?

The latest signing statement regards the right of the government to open our mail.  Note the use of the phrase "exigent circumstances".  This is purposely vague to justify opening our mail under any circumstances that they deem "exigent".  If Aunt Martha is dying and you're notifying a family member, that is "exigent".

You've heard it before in my blog and some of you will disagree, but Big Brother is here to stay until all of these signing statements are voided.  Our freedoms are being eroded daily by this administration. 


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Avatar cps10 -
I agree...this is a ridiculous trend that Bush has capitalized on. I would like to see signing statements be vetoed by Congress!
Avatar Rick G -
Keith, this process has castrated our Congress and in effect, has made any legislation meaningless. Taxpayers could save a lot of money by eliminating Congress and letting a single megalomaniac run our country as he sees fit. If he has done it 700+ times with his own party-run Congress, what are we to expect in the next two years of his tenure?   At this rate we can expect over 1000 signing statements during his eight years of office (one every three calendar days...and we know his work calendar is much less than the Julian Calendar).

Who is running this country, George W. Bush or the American people?
Avatar LottoVantage -
I agree with you 100%!! And here is another burden this country is getting ready
to bear at the hands of Bush and his self serving opportunist friends.

I have sent this letter to my Senators, and Representative and the President. I
urge you to do the same.

I understand there is a bill on President Bush's desk, that will give an illegal
alien, who has worked in this country 18 months, would be eligible for Social
Security benefit's.

I had to have 10 YEARS of employment and be 65 before I
could receive benifit's. Who is going to pay for this windfall?

When Politicians are running for office the main topic is how much trouble
Social Secutiry is in and how they are going to fix it. Well, if this is the
Presidents idea of "fixing it" , it is a slap in the face of American Citizens
who have paid into the system.

We have a severe problem in this country, with the invasion from Mexico, and
that's what it is. After 9-11 our Government had a mandate to secure our
borders, and here it is six years later and we have not done so. It reminds me
when Germany invaded France, and the French Government just turned the
country over to them. Is our Government doing the same thing? It would
appear so.

The American Citizens are not fools. I am a firm believer in the
Declaration of Independence and the second parapraph, as the Governor of
California stated, we have the right to keep our country safe, and our
Government has failed to do so. We do not need Immigration reform. All that
is needed is to enforce the law. This is what has made our country so
successful, we are a country of LAW. Those people are not immigrants, they are
illegal aliens. And no political correctness terminology can change that.

Immunity? What a slap in the face of people who have come here legally, these
aliens don't want to learn our language, or become citizens. They want the
money to send back to Mexico.

Take the money that is used for this useless war
on drugs, and build a wall, a real wall and not a fence. That alone will stop
most of the drugs coming in from Mexico. Our crime rates have climbed for home
invasions, hit and run, rape and robberies. When caught, most have been

With Respect,

Avatar Rick G -
"We do not need Immigration reform. All that
is needed is to enforce the law. This is what has made our country so
successful, we are a country of LAW."

This quote from LottoVantage says it all. Laws are already in place to deal with most of our country's problems. We don't need gun laws, drug laws, gambling laws, prostitution laws, immigration laws, marriage laws, terrorism laws, etc. ad infinitum. Everything was covered by the Bill of Rights. Simply put, If you violate one of the first ten ammendments to the constitution you could be guilty of violating a law and if so, you should be prosecuted (Osama, you done got away with it)). The final decision as to Constitutionality should be left to the Judicial branch for interpretation. The role of the Legislative branch is to fine tune the Bill of Rights, not re-create it, and the role of the Executive branch is to enforce the law as dictated by the Legislative and Judicial Branches of government. Fairly simple approach designed by our forefathers with checks and balances, but it has been bastardized to satisfy wayward agendas.

Meanwhile the REAL bad guys are sitting back toking on their hookahs. The American Citizen who dares toke on a hookah gets thrown in jail with a mandatory sentence. Who are the enemies here, the terrorist or the American Citizen?
i'm counting the days until this president is gone.january 20,2009 a new one will be sworn in.lets hope bush doesn't put us all in dire straits before then.
Avatar truecritic -
Where Are We Going?
And Why Are We in This Handbasket?

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