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LS 4.0: NOT a good start - week 01/05


Last Edited: January 6, 2005, 8:17 am

The winning numbers for wednesday's Viking Lotto:
7-11-21-26-34-41. Bonus numbers: 4-43

Lines played (without the recommended bonus numbers):
Unique line:
02-16-17-35-39-42 B1:48 B2:20 (0/6)

Zero numbers correct !

10 lines:
02-12-16-26-39-48 B1:23 B2:39 (1/6 - 26)
03-06-21-30-40-47 B1:32 B2:43 (1/6 - 21) (43 - 1 bonus number)
03-09-15-18-19-31 B1:40 B2:36
15-36-43-45-47-48 B1:21 B2:16
02-15-20-37-38-40 B1:25 B2:16
05-13-17-20-24-33 B1:22 B2:37
09-15-33-34-45-46 B1:47 B2:39 (1/6 - 34)
18-28-33-41-42-45 B1:25 B2:21 (1/6 - 41)
04-07-15-22-29-38 B1:45 B2:33 (1/6 - 07) (04 - 1 bonus number)
12-13-19-20-23-30 B1:42 B2:17

No lines with more than 1 number correct!
But it's still too early to judge the software. It will be tested for several weeks.

Something positive in the misery:
5 out of 6 drawn numbers was to be found in the recommended lines.
Too bad LS didn't create at least one line with 3 out of 6 numbers drawn. If I had played 20 recommended lines perhaps it might have occurred, but that's just a guess.
If LS is able to come up with 5 or 6 numbers(in the recommended lines) drawn consistently it could be wiser to use them in a wheel instead.

The draws can be found here: http://www.norsk-tipping.no/page?id=27
The Lykketall(happy number) listed has been drawn by a computer. Every time a happy number is equal to a number in the REAL draw, the first prize will be bigger than normal. This time the first prize was highest ever at aprox. $ 6.000.000.

I chose to stay an optimist .
Better luck(?) next wednesday?

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