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"Barak Hussein Obama - Who is he?


Last Edited: January 11, 2007, 10:34 am

"Barak Hussein Obama-Who is he?
By Ted Sampley
U.S. Veteran Dispatch
December 29, 2006

After only being a U.S. Senator for a couple of years, Barak Hussein Obama, Democrat Senator from Chicago, has managed to catapult himself to the status of a messiah in the Democrat Party. The result is that, ever since, he's been walking on water toward the White House.

Obama says after his visit with friends and family in Hawaii during the 2006 year-end holidays, he'll announce if he's going to run for president in 2008.

Bets are that he will.

Who is Obama and what has he done?

Independent columnist, Andy Martin (Out2.com) says he believes Obama is a political fraud who "lied to the American people."

Martin says Obama may be a threat to the Jewish community because he is a closet Muslim.

"I feel sad having to expose Barack Obama," says Martin, "but the man is a complete fraud. The truth is going to surprise, and disappoint, and outrage many people who were drawn to him. He has lied to the American people, and he has sought to misrepresent his own heritage.

"Obama's life story is vastly different from the one he portrays. My point: if he will lie about his mother and father, what else is he lying about? Can we expect 'bimbo eruptions?'

"Fiction: Obama stated in his Convention speech: 'My father … grew up herding goats.' The 'goat herder' claim has been repeated endlessly. It is a lie.

"Fact: Obama's grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama was a prominent and wealthy farmer. His son, Obama's father, was a child of privilege, not privation. He was an outstanding student, not a herdsman.

"Fiction: Obama was given an 'African' name.

"Fact: Obama is a Muslim who has concealed his religion. I am a strong supporter of the Muslim community, and I believe Muslims have been scapegoated. Obama has a great opportunity to be forthright.

"Instead, he has treated his Muslim heritage as a dark secret. His grandfather was named 'Hussein.' That is an Arabic-Muslim, not African, name. Hussein was a devout Muslim and named his son, Barack Senior, 'Baraka.' Baraka is an Arabic word meaning 'blessed.' Baraka comes out of the Koran and Arabic, not Africa.

"Barack Senior was also a devoted Muslim, and also chose a Muslim name for his son, our own Barack Obama, Junior. Again, his name was an Arabic and Koranic.

"Fiction: Obama Senior was a harmless student 'immigrant' who came to the United States only to study.

"Fact: Obama was part of one of the most corrupt and violent organizations in Africa: the Kenyatta regime. Obama's father ran back to Kenya soon after the British left. It is likely Obama's father had Mau Mau sympathies or connections, or he would not have been welcomed into the murderous inner circle of rapists, murderers, and arsonists. I believe Obama's secret shame at his family history of rape, murder and arson is what actualizes him. Our research is not yet complete. We are seeking to examine British colonial records. Our investigation to date has drawn on information on three continents.

"And what about Obama's beloved Kenyan brothers and sisters? None of his family was invited to Boston to share his prominence. Are his relatives being kept in the closet? Where are they? More secrecy, more prevarication.

"It is time for Barack Obama to stop presenting a fantasy to the American people. We are forgiving and many would still support him. It may well be that his concealment is meant to endanger Israel. His Muslim religion would obviously raise serious questions in many Jewish circles where Obama now enjoys support," Martin said.

Debbie Schlussel, a conservative political commentator, columnist, was more pointedly critical about Obama's Islamic connections, she wrote on her blog, debbieschlussel.com/, "while Obama may not identify as a Muslim, that's not how the Arab and Muslim Streets see it.

"In Arab culture and under Islamic law, if your father is a Muslim, so are you. And once a Muslim, always a Muslim. You cannot go back. In Islamic eyes, Obama is certainly a Muslim. He may think he's a Christian, but they do not."

Is a man Muslims think is a Muslim, Schlussel asked on her blog, " a man we want as President when we are fighting the war of our lives against Islam? Where will his loyalties be?

"Is that even the man we'd want to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, if Hillary Clinton offers him the Vice Presidential candidacy on her ticket (which he certainly wouldn't turn down)?"

Obama was born Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii, the son of Barack Hussein Obama Sr. of Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya, and Ann Dunham, of Wichita, Kan.

Obama senior met his wife, a white woman, when he was a student attending the University of Hawaii. Obama junior was born in Hawaii.

When he was two-years old, Obama's parents divorced and his father returned to Kenya, where he eventually served as a senior economist in the country's Ministry of Finance.

When Obama was six, his mother, an atheist, married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim and moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. Obama's half-sister, Maya Soetoro was born after the family moved to Indonesia.

Soetoro enrolled his stepson in one of Jakarta's Muslim Wahabbi schools. Wahabbism is the radical teaching that created the Muslim terrorists who are now waging Jihad on the rest of the world. Obama later attended a Catholic school in Indonesia.

At age 10 Obama was sent back to Hawaii to be raised by his white maternal grandparents and to attend the prestigious Punahou Academy.

He attended Occidental College, followed by Columbia College and Columbia University.

After Obama's parents divorced when he was two, he spent only one month with his father before his father's death in a vehicle wreck when Obama was 20.

After college, Obama entered Harvard Law where he was elected president of the Harvard Law Review. He received his law degree in 1991 and moved to Chicago where he took a job with a civil rights law firm.

Obama was elected to the Illinois State Senate in 1996. He lost in a bid for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000 and was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004.

Obama says he is a Christian with "deep faith rooted in the Christian tradition." He is a member of Trinity United Church of Christ of Chicago, which on its web site declares to be a "congregation which is Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian" and "an African people" who "remain 'true to our native land,' the mother continent, the cradle of civilization."

Trinity United Church of Christ adopted a "Black Value System" which pledges allegiance "to all Black leadership who espouse and embrace the Black Value System" and a "personal commitment to embracement of the Black Value System."

According to ontheissues.org, Obama has proven himself to be a nearly perfect leftist democrat. He is pro-abortion, anti-gun, against ban of same-sex marriage, against teaching family values in public schools, against ban of flag burning, against privatizing Social Security, against the death penalty and three strikes laws, for hiring more women and minorities, for increased funding for health care and for campaign finance reform.

He believes in the separation of church and state - except when he campaigns in black churches.

Who is Barak Hussein Obama?

Many Democrats are promoting him in the media as the Democrat's best hope for winning the White House in 2008.

Referring to Obama's 2006 year-end visit with friends and family in Hawaii, Obama's half-sister, Maya Soetoro, recently stated: "He's going to make his decision here and announce it to us. Then he's probably going to officially announce his decision once he returns."

The Associated Press reported that Obama is expected back in Washington, DC the first week of January 2007."


"Barack Hussein Obama: Once a Muslim, Always A Muslim

Source Debbie Schlussel

By Debbie Schlussel

"Many months ago, readers began asking me whether Barack Obama is Muslim. Since he identifies as a Christian, I said, "no," and responded that he was not raised by his Kenyan father.

But, then, I decided to look further into Obama's background. His full name--as by now you have probably heard--is Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Hussein is a Muslim name, which comes from the name of Ali's son--Hussein Ibn Ali. And Obama is named after his late Kenyan father, the late Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., apparently a Muslim.

And while Obama may not identify as a Muslim, that's not how the Arab and Muslim Streets see it. In Arab culture and under Islamic law, if your father is a Muslim, so are you. And once a Muslim, always a Muslim. You cannot go back. In Islamic eyes, Obama is certainly a Muslim. He may think he's a Christian, but they do not.

Then, there are the other items in his background. As best-selling author Scott Turow wrote in Salon, Obama went to a Muslim school for two years in Indonesia. His mother, Anna, married an Indonesian man (likely another Muslim, as Indonesia is Muslim-dominated and has the largest Islamic population in the world).

And Obama has a "born-again" affinity for the nation of his Muslim father, Kenya, and his Kenyan sister. (Although Kenya is largely Christian, it has a fast-growing Muslim population that has engaged in a good deal of religious violence and riots against Christians. And Kenyan courts will apply Sharia law, when the participants are Muslim.) Wrote Turow:

Obama's father died in a traffic accident in Nairobi in 1982, but while Obama was working in Chicago, he met his Kenyan sister, Auma, a linguist educated in Germany who was visiting the United States. When she returned to Kenya in 1986 to teach for a year at the University of Nairobi, Obama finally made the trip to his father's homeland he had long promised himself. There, he managed to fully embrace a heritage and a family he'd never fully known and come to terms with his father, whom he'd long regarded as an august foreign prince, but now realized was a human being burdened by his own illusions and vulnerabilities.

So, even if he identifies strongly as a Christian, and even if he despised the behavior of his father (as Obama said on Oprah); is a man who Muslims think is a Muslim, who feels some sort of psychological need to prove himself to his absent Muslim father, and who is now moving in the direction of his father's heritage, a man we want as President when we are fighting the war of our lives against Islam? Where will his loyalties be?

Is that even the man we'd want to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, if Hillary Clinton offers him the Vice Presidential candidacy on her ticket (which he certainly wouldn't turn down)?

NO WAY, JOSE . . . Or, is that, HUSSEIN? "

Entry #732


emilygComment by emilyg - January 11, 2007, 2:50 pm
good info.
ToddComment by Todd - January 11, 2007, 4:05 pm
Too bad these columnists are coming out so early with this info. I'd rather see him win over Hillary first, and then once he's the candidate expose this stuff. Kill two birds with one stone.
konaneComment by konane - January 11, 2007, 5:01 pm
I think more will come out as time goes by.
emilygComment by emilyg - January 11, 2007, 10:09 pm
He wouldn't have a chance against Hillary. For one- not enough experience. He'll fade quickly for the time being.
konaneComment by konane - January 11, 2007, 10:20 pm
I expect him to be Hillary's running mate as VP.
Rick GComment by Rick G - January 11, 2007, 11:15 pm
I always consider the source of the information that I read and the motive(s) of the author(s).

Doesn't it strike you as odd that this Debbie Schlussel person is one of the few people in the United States who consider him a Muslim terrorist? Amazing that he's duped the whole state of IL and is now a US Senator. Who was doing the background checks...his opponents (the RNC) surely would have brought these facts to the attention of the electorate before this date if they were indeed true. Most of the "facts" are presented as happening long before his election to the Senate which gave them plenty of time to discredit him. Why didn't they do it then?

Should he decide to run for higher office, his background will be independently checked by many more sources than Debbie. I'll wait for the final act before I leave the theater.
csfbComment by csfb - January 12, 2007, 12:31 am
Obama? Here today, gone tomorrow. A burst of instant flame, quickly reduced to ashes.
konaneComment by konane - January 12, 2007, 9:33 am
I have a very similar article from a different source copied onto CD last fall. These two articles saved me the trouble of finding them.

Bottom line, once a Muslim, you can't leave the religion except upon penalty of death .... read that more than once. Obama's father designated him as Muslim, his mother converted and married another Muslim. Smell the coffee.

Second and most important thing is that Musims are NOT bound to tell the truth to ANYONE EXCEPT ANOTHER MUSLIM. Keith Ellison's (MN) past associations come to mind but that's the subject of another post.

Third point, when have we ever seen career politicians tell the truth???

Three strikes in my book. Csfb, I do see him as Hillary's running mate for VP. She may loathe him but would use him to give her POWER she so longs for herself.
cps10Comment by cps10 - January 12, 2007, 10:09 am
I am not a fan of him nor Hillary. Of course, I am also a Republican, so I wouldn't vote for either...lol. Unless I felt like they had what it takes to run the country. If Bill ran again, I might consider voting for him. But give me J McCain anyday.
konaneComment by konane - January 12, 2007, 11:06 am
Well we know Hillary's going to do whatever she can to become president so she can finish the job Bill began by selling the rest of the US out to China for payola disguised as campaign contributions.... or whichever country waves money under her nose. Seems the Chinese were right calling her "Empress Hillary."

I believe McCain's a stroke waiting to happen (too much of a hothead), but given the choice of Hillary or McCain I'd probably grudgingly pull the McCain handle. If not I'd sit on my hands before voting for Hitlary.

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