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Filter Strategies


I've been diligently been running all combinations for 5/39 for different filters.

The first set is what I call static filters because they are not time dependent or reflect the current status of any lotto numbers. Things like consecutive numbers, roots, last digits, odd/even, what I call 4 by distribution, 5 by distribution, columns, postional ranges...etc. The only value I see in doing this is not to make a dumb low percentage bet. There are obvious flags of higher probablies in the resultant data, but to narrow the combinations based on this and the associated error rates that come with them seem premature.

The second set of what I call dynamic filters reflect the current status of the individual lotto numbers. Things like how many times they've been picked over a history range, most occuring next pick numbers, pairings...etc. Although not as cut and dried as the static filters, these filters seem to give more impressive results.

The dilema is in the strategy of filters. The mix of how many high pass (98%+) filters combined with low pass filters(lower %) to achieve an acceptable amount of combinations to bet on. Although the LP addesses alot of the filters, nobody seems to really address overall filter strategies in any detail except on individual filters, one by one.

With a new program in the works, the debate continues. I guess we'll decide after the high pass filter program construct is completed and we'll see the average amount of combinations there are left to deal with.

Entry #3


LANTERNComment by LANTERN - January 11, 2005, 3:46 am
Yes, you sure are or seem to be in the right tracks.
Which new program is in the works (name of program) and by whom? I would like to know.
Thank you.
waynrComment by waynr - January 11, 2005, 8:34 am
When you get the filters tweaked I think you may find there is sort of a threshhold number of combos to play that return the most. Not playing enough or too many diminishes the return the farther it moves above or below the magic number. And hey don't go by mine. I'm not playing the threshhold. I'm kinda afraid of it myself. Probably not "an acceptable amount of combinations to bet on".

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