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Dear Diary: I AM Prosperous. I AM Successful.


Last Edited: August 9, 2018, 6:10 pm

So, I heard about this new strategy earlier in the year, then I lost interest because I'd been working so much.
It takes soooooo much writing time.

I decided to MAKE time a few days ago after this one woman kept sending


With this system I'm predicting 'supposedly' two days in advance - uh....no.

More like 3 days.


How about I spent $6 a day on 1 OFF tickets covering the 6,3 pairs.

I did 631, 634, 637 to cover 630-639. That's midday and evening everyday.

I figured I'd catch the 636 bc that's the number that I kept seeing in my workouts from midday, the 6ths fallout.


This woman said that it would come in TWO days. Fam, that's $12.

Here I am, day 3 watching me hand my Aldi's cash to the cashier but I do so SUPER excited because I just KNOW this 6,3 combo is coming.

And it did....as 036.



Did I box it? Nope.


I also failed to mention I covered an additional $10 worth of $1 straights and boxes.



I know how to work out what's coming, NOW I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO BET.


I get to the counter and I feel rushed.





I think I'm going to win the lottery today. I still have a chance for cash in the evening draw.

I also think I want a lottery partner buddy to help me understand the betting part.


I might not work any numbers out tomorrow - regardless if I win cash or not. I just feel like it's taking up so much time & I have 3 major projects in the final stages. My focus needs to be CLEAR.

If I keep getting the pairs right, like 4 out of the week,  I'll teach the system for MI. I just hope the lottery doesn't switch it up on us.






What is the cheapest way to bet to cover 0-9 midday & evening? Is it boxed? If so, how? I saw more than one way to box.

What's 'wheeling'?






I am a winner.

The winning numbers made it onto tickets and that is a wonderful feeling.

I am predicating the 3 digit more than 60% of the time and that is a good feeling.

I am a winner.

I can have, do, and be anything I want.

All things are possible to her whom believes.

With God all things are possible.

I am receptive to money today.

Now I am going to practice accepting money from the cashier and welcoming it into my handbag.


"Hello cash. It's nice to see you. May you have a pleasant trip into all of my accounts and into circulation. I appreciate you, cash, and I give thanks for you."

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