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I do not normally follow the Powerball lottery. I usually follow the Mega Millions lottery even though I rarely play it. A while back there was a member in one of my lottery groups who lived in a Powerball state. He would buy Powerball tickets for our group in exchange for membership in the group. We did not win anything but it was a convenient arrangement for him and the group.

Well Powerball has rolled 15 times and must be getting close to record territory. I checked over the Powerball draw archives and saw that the famous Jack W jackpot was won on the 16th roll and the jackpot reached $314.9 million. I believe that is a record jackpot value for 16 rolls. If the jackpot rolls on Wednesday, I believe it will break that record since it is now estimated at $240 million.

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Avatar starchild_45 -
i wish canada would reach 100 million. i am getting close to going back up to canada and getting me a lotto subscription again. i can't wait.
Avatar LottoGroups -

I do not believe any Canadian jackpot will hit $100 million. The odds of the current jackpot games are too low for that to likely happen and sales really spike when the jackpot nears $50 million.

As far as subscriptions for Canadian lotteries go - I advise my friends against them. The main reason is that you are playing the game every draw and most of the time the jackpot is at fairly low levels. I advise my friends to take the subscription fee and use it to join a lotery group.

Good luck.

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