Mitt Romney Slams Trump's Character In Op-Ed



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Avatar JAP69 -
Romney is making his moves to be the central figure in the Republican Party now that he has an established political position as a Senator.
Avatar JAP69 -
Avatar lejardin -
Yep zinthink you are right. My vote if for President Trump.
Avatar mikeintexas -
The most significant thing Romney ever accomplished was to influence droves of Republican Conservatives to stay home on Election Day. He was so progressive, not even the more conservative Dems dissatisfied with Obama would vote for him. For the second time in as many national elections, I held my nose and voted for him in the general election, but had him at the bottom of my list in the primary. No, strike that, he was OFF my list in the primary. I'm not prone to supporting people who belong to cults and in hindsight, regret my vote for him. Mea Culpa
Avatar mikeintexas -
"...held my nose and voted for the Republican candidate", should have said, not "voted for him"

Mea Culpa X 2
Avatar konane -
Romney gives me the creeps. I feel he is duplicitous and like many of the politicians in recent Project Veritas vids, says what people want to hear then does the bidding of the swamp. Maybe I just see him as a slithering slimy swamp thing.
Avatar jarasan -
Mitty is a dipsh1ty dimwitty diquefaced duma$$, he should STFU. Grow up mitty!
Avatar Soledad -
Mitt’s not as stupid as everyone thinks he is. I believe he is a concerned and caring and fairly respectable individual to be honest. Doesn’t mean I have any special affection for him. But I don’t think he deserves to be called names.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
These HOUSE TROLLS call anyone a name that disagrees with their asinine agenda, dem or repubs, but especially people of color and women. Their racial hatred knows no bounds. It's innate.

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