Donald Trump is the world's worst negotiator


Entry #26,339


Avatar amber124 -
he's the worst of everything, he thinks negotiation means his way or no way. And guess what, he ain't getting no wall.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
He is also the world's worst president. He is a con artist, LIAR, and DIRTY TRICKS GURU. Trump failed or went bankrupt after most of his negotiations. SAD
Avatar MADDOG10 -
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuhahahahahahahahhaha. hypocrisy at it's finest.
Avatar JAP69 -
Democrats will start to cave after tomorrow. Just a built up bunch of hype about no paycheck coming.
I have gone through many pay less paydays in my life. It is not the end of the world.
Try eating oatmeal with a slice of buttered bread three times a day sometime.
Avatar JAP69 -
Do some dumpster diving at fast food joints sometime.
Avatar jarasan -
Trump is winning when he is the worst of anything.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
JARASH!T I thought you were still on vacation. Trump is worried big time. He tried to change the narrative by creating a fake crisis, it's not working. Donald is DIRTY and he will be exposed. The universe is about to intervene.
Avatar mikeintexas -
Hey, sleezy the shrimp, don't you ever get tired of playing that same broken record over and over again?

I bet your family finds you boring and obnoxious, too.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
The universe is about to intervene on behalf of the American people because you people are too blind to see what's about to happen to your Fuhrer.
Avatar mikeintexas -
Aw, miss your black messiah, dontcha?
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
BIGOTINTEXAS, you people miss Obama because your FUHRER is such a plucking loser and azz hole. Trump can't even play presidential. SAD

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