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The Funny Way to Play Pick 34...Random Statement lookup


Maybe this is the reason I can't stop playing around with the 34 lottery.

Had a very strange and disturbing dream last night. It became less disturbing after I started to analyze what it all meant. So I did not bother to even look up dream numbers for it since it was obviously related to what I had been watching on the youtube channel while drifting off to sleep.

Instead, I remembered a random statement that came to mind just before I awakened completely, something to the effect : "Have you registered to vote?"

Now that phrase came out of nowhere, was totally unrelated to the dream and made its presence as if it was lost in wonderland. So I did do a look up on that statement. It gave 244 and 4580. Posted the 4590 off the 4580 cause it was a personal # of mine.

SBIP$999 Florida Pick 3 Midday 3-Way Box 2-4-4 4-4-2 $80
SBIP$999 Georgia Cash 4 Midday 24-Way Box 4-2-3-1 4-2-1-3 $100
SBIP$999 Kentucky Pick 4 Midday 24-Way Box 4-5-9-0 9-4-5-0 $100

Of course I did not play the 244 in the Fl lottery cause FL lottery hasn't been kind to me since my arrival some months ago, and until it yields, my money stays in my pocket. I remember saying to someone recently that the universe still thinks I'm in the Carolinas cause the images and dream #s still favor south carolina lottery, not fl.

So imagine my surprise when 442 came out in FL today on the very first draw after the dream statement.

Still I will not start to play here cause it may have just been a trick to get me going again. Gonna take more than one little co-incidence to get me back on that wagon (or is it off the wagon--to quote a Seinfeld episodeNo No).

All I know is that those lottery pretzels are making me thirsty.

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