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999 DreamWeaver Numbers for Pick 34 Feb 24-27


Last Edited: February 24, 2019, 8:39 pm

And the dreams continue.

So I woke up remembering that there was a little girl in my dream who needed money for her graduation. I turned that into two phrases, one where there was a little girl who needed $ for her graduation and the other was just the phrase with the "little girl" part left out. Sometimes I know exactly what phrase to look up and sometimes I don't. So I may sometimes include both versions, as I did below.



Of course "money" is traditionally either 567 or 835.

Some results are below.

Now, what I might conclude from the hits below is that it was probably the first version (phrase) that was valid since the second phrase produced no hits so far today.

SBIP$999 Georgia Cash 3 Evening 3-Way Box 2-9-2 2-2-9 $80
SBIP$999 Georgia Cash 3 Evening Straight + 3-Way Box 2-2-9 2-2-9 $330
SBIP$999 Indiana Daily 4 Midday 12-Way Box 5-4-6-5 4-6-5-5 $200
SBIP$999 Iowa Pick 4 Midday 12-Way Box 5-4-6-5 4-6-5-5 $200
SBIP$999 New York Numbers Midday 6-Way Box 8-3-5 8-5-3 $40

FYI, I usually post pick 3 dream numbers for 3 days all-state, and pick 4 for four days (cause the $ is greater for pick 4 and you want to keep it in longer).

Dream Tip #1: The other thing I might do if I were playing the dream numbers in my home state is to play all "mates" as  well, ie 229 and 299 are mates, while 5465 is mates with 5446 and 5466. I would certainly do it with any doubles that appeared. I might also further extend the mates to include the "3=6" mathematics of random (M.O.R.E) rule, since that .50 cent play would yield me $200 on any of the five additional combinations springing from the single pick 4 double combination.

Resultant Optional Plays:



WILD: 5460-5430

Can anyone tell me where I got the "wild" combinations from? Hint: refer to your 9 Tips Guide.

Dream Tip #2: Another thing I have noticed on occasion with the dream numbers is that sometimes if you combine the pick 3 digit with the first digit of the pick 4, you can get hits that way too. For example, in the above, if you combined 229 with the 5, you can sometimes generate more all-state hits, or if you combined the 135 with the 1, it might bring additional hits. So additional pick 4 plays would be 2295 and 1351. This sometimes gets complicated because the 2295 might turn into 2290 because of a 9 ( M.O.R.E.) rule. Your might also turn the 1351 into its five other mates if playing in your home state for more possibility to realize the hit.

Resultant Optional Plays:









Oops, this just in:

SBIP$999 Ohio Pick 4 Evening 12-Way Box 1-3-5-1 3-1-1-5 $200

Hey, I can't make this stuff up. Tip #2 is working already. Who knew?

Keep reading this blog for more tips, better yet, go ahead and subscribeto my premium blog. My goal is to dump all my lottery cents/sense/observations on to you as I go along. You don't wanna miss it!

Entry #714


SBIP$999Comment by SBIP$999 - February 25, 2019, 6:07 pm
Day two
SBIP$999     Connecticut     Play 3 Day     6-Way Box     9-1-4     9-4-1     $40
SBIP$999     Illinois     Pick 4 Midday     24-Way Box     5-4-6-0     6-5-0-4     $100
SBIP$999     North Carolina     Pick 4 Daytime     12-Way Box     1-6-5-5     6-5-5-1     $200
SBIP$999     Ohio     Pick 3 Midday     6-Way Box     9-1-4     4-1-9     $40
SBIP$999     Puerto Rico     Pega 4 Día     12-Way Box     2-2-7-5     5-2-7-2     $200
SBIP$999Comment by SBIP$999 - February 26, 2019, 7:51 pm
How bout that 2700 hit in my old stumping ground. Yeah dreams can be lucrative if you know how to work it.
SBIP$999     Arkansas     Cash 3 Midday     6-Way Box     0-3-5     3-5-0     $40
SBIP$999     North Carolina     Pick 4 Daytime     Straight + 12-Way Box     2-2-9-0     2-2-9-0     $2,700
SBIP$999     Pennsylvania     Pick 3 Evening     6-Way Box     1-3-5     3-1-5     $40
SBIP$999Comment by SBIP$999 - February 26, 2019, 10:27 pm
So now I am upset I did not play the Pick 3 double and its mate from this dream in FL. But there will be other images, other dreams.
SBIP$999     Arkansas     Cash 3 Midday     6-Way Box     0-3-5     3-5-0     $40
SBIP$999     California     Daily 3 Evening     6-Way Box     1-3-5     3-1-5     $40
SBIP$999     Florida     Pick 3 Evening     3-Way Box     2-9-9     9-2-9     $80
SBIP$999     North Carolina     Pick 4 Daytime     Straight + 12-Way Box     2-2-9-0     2-2-9-0     $2,700
SBIP$999     Pennsylvania     Pick 3 Evening     6-Way Box     1-3-5     3-1-5     $40
Comment by LOTTOMAN69 - June 4, 2019, 5:21 pm
how can I subscribe to your page

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