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this is from the uk

Fact 1: 44% of lotto winners lose their entire fortune

It’s not the best lotto fact to start an article about, but it probably is the most important. After all why play the lottery, if you could end up squandering all the life-changing money?  That’s right, the depressing fact is that almost half of all online lottery winners lose every single cent within 5 years of a landmark event. The reason? Many researchers believe that winning the lottery is only half the battle on the road to success, and that it’s imperative that lottery winners keep grounded, and deal with their money wisely.

Fact 2: 48% of lotto winners continue to work

Not everyone wants to throw in the towel and live the rest of their lives sipping champagne on the beach. Even though a multi-million dollar lotto win does figuratively give people financial independence which makes them feel as though they are on an endless vacation, many prefer have invested too much passion into what they do, and therefore want to keep at it. According to statistics, 15% of lottery winners find a better job, while 45% open their own businesses.

Fact 3: Only 55% online lottery winner say they are happier

According to the Camelot Group (organizers of the EuroMillions lottery in the UK), just over half of the lucky winners of the lottery prize admitted that they became happier after acquiring their unexpected wealth. 65% of them say its due to too much debt and stress, and 23% are happy with their ability to buy everything their soul desires. However, as many as 43% of the respondents admitted that the lotto winnings did not affect their level of satisfaction, and 2% even claimed that the money brought them only problems.

Fact 4: 83% of winners of the lottery share their winnings with the family

This is a wonderful stat, and really heart-warming to know that lottery winners have such good hearts. More than three quarters of all lotto winners share their winnings with parents, children, brothers and sisters. Despite the dizzying success of winning the lottery and having millions in the bank, most lottery winners remember that the greatest value in the world is family and friends.

Fact 5: 90% of lottery winners lose friends

On the flip side, and yes, there’s always a flip side to everything in life, a staggering 90% of lottery winners lose friends. This is really just due to the fact that while you please most, you cannot please everyone. Losing friends is always difficult, especially if the cause of the break is just envy. However, a true friend will remain with you in spite of everything, because genuine relationships will always stay strong. So, if you lose a friend after winning the lottery, tilt your chin up, and know that only a true friend will support you and not abuse your friendship. Actually winning the lottery, will definitely reveal who’s who in the zoo.

Fact 6: Only 1% of the winners of the lottery fall under the knife of a plastic surgeon

It is usually believed that wealth and pretentiousness go hand in hand, but statistics show that this is not always the case. In fact, only 1% of all lottery winners decide to the go under the knife and get plastic surgery.

Fact 7: Most lottery winners go on holiday

After winning the lottery, one of the first things most lottery winners want to do is, take a break from the rat race. Which is why most lottery winners go on holiday! With this Wednesday’s US Powerball jackpot soaring to $115 million, you too could quite easily be jetting off to brand new sights and sounds.  According to the survey results, 38% of lottery winners might not go on vacation, but they do relocate, 75% of these lucky lotto winners upgrade their apartments to more spacious private homes, while 24% buy real estate abroad.

Fact 8: 8% of winners of the lottery transfer their children to private schools

Once a bigger home has been purchased, and everyone’s had a ball of a time on vacation, it’s time to organise things back home, and for those with children, education is extremely important. Which is why, 8% of lottery winner end up transferring their children to private schools. After all, success depends not only on what you know, but also on who you share this knowledge with.

Fact 9: 32% of lottery winners gain weight

Enjoy the good life though, comes with its own set of little issues, and one of these issues is gaining too much weight. Whether it’s enjoying eating out every night, or being a little too idle, the result is that 32% of lottery winners gain too much weight after the win. Thankfully, however, 12% of those who are lucky to win the lottery buy a subscription to a gym.

Fact 10: 68% of lottery winners continue to play the lottery

Last but not least, most lottery winners carry on buying lottery tickets. Considering they know the feeling of winning such large sums of money, its really no surprise that they want more. Choose your lucky lotto numbers today, and play your favorite online lottery right now, right here at PlayUSALotteries.com. Where living the life of millionaire is a lot closer than you could ever imagine.

Best of luck!
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Avatar music* -
Both of my parents are deceased. I have no children. I am single. I do have eight siblings. Plus a few friends now and many after a win LOL! I also have many cousins and an Uncle or Aunt still alive. All of us have Uncle Sam who automatically gets 37% of the winnings.
I will hire a financial adviser who will say NO in a graceful way.
Thank You for the list.
Avatar hearsetrax -
most curious list and supposed lotto facts

Avatar mikeintexas -
I have a few problems w/ with a few of the "facts", namely this one:

Fact 1: 44% of lotto winners lose their entire fortune

I'd like to know just how THEY know that to be a "fact". Unless they come forward, all UK lottery winners are anonymous. I am not particularly quibbling with the numbers b/c there's a dubious statistic here in the U.S. that "70% of all lottery winners are broke after five yrs.", yet I've never found a source that cites the specific poll, much less the methodology of it.

I think most, if not all the rest would be true, not only in the U.K. but here. I can certainly understand the losing friends bit; no one would particularly enjoy seeing a friend flaunt their wealth, even if they did not intend to do that - it would just be a constant reminder that they were now in a much higher economic class and would probably never again struggle with money as you perhaps now do. Of course there'd be envy and you could not blame them for that.

The "continue to work" figure seems a little high to me, esp. considering any winners that were older. I'd think most working lottery winners would "call in rich" the day after the drawing. I do suspect that there would be a letdown after winning; after all, what else could match that thrill? Of course, I've never been a lottery winner, but I would think that keeping engaged in something, be it volunteer work, a hobby or two, being more involved w/ one's family and things of that nature would be answers to any letdown.

While I can't speak for anyone else, I certainly would not want to continue working for someone. Running your own business is hard work, stressful even during the best of times. I suppose there could be people who would want to do that, but I'm not one of them.   I will find other, hassle free ways to spend my time (and money).

Another one I have problems with:

Fact 3: Only 55% online lottery winner say they are happier.

The explanation that follows is what I don't understand, esp. the "2% even claimed that the money brought them only problems" It directly contradicts the "44%" lose their fortunes" claim made earlier. I'd say losing a lottery fortune would be a problem!

I don't think winning the lottery will solve all of one's problems, but I simply cannot fathom it making life WORSE, at least not unless there were particular circumstances involved, ala Jack Whittaker, David Edwards or Billy Bob Harrell and a few others who exercised extremely poor judgement with their new-found wealth. Then there are those who had the misfortune of having so-called "friends" to begin with and choosing bad ones to replace them (Abraham Shakespeare) or horrible family members (Jeffery Dampier)

I sometimes wonder if these "facts" aren't pulled out of thin air, or esp. out of some particular bodily orifice.

Avatar eddessaknight -
ONE thing for sure, the lotto is the biggest game with the greatest number of participant of all games, anywhere :-)
Avatar eddessaknight -
And i'll bet on it !!
Avatar Coin Toss -
Re: Fact 3

Someone once posted here on LP that when you win a jackpot you just trade one set one problems for another.

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