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Got 1 1/2 more workbooks in excel to complete the full first draft of PROfile.

This has got to be the most massive excel project I have ever undertaken. There are, for example, one worksheet for each powerball number, plus 3 additional sheets including the finally fully automated summary sheet.

All this one does is present data, it makes no guesses... beauty is that it seems applicable to any game. If PB tests go ok, I might just create one for the PA cash5.

Backtesting so far is non existent, but once the whole process is worked out, then it should be at least do-able. I have learned a great deal about the powerball data just in the creation of the excel files... The logging system for recording what worked or didn't is so far the best byproduct.

Cashing in a 1+1 PB winner today, hopefully much more to come.

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ToddComment by Todd - February 13, 2007, 2:23 pm
Sounds pretty awesome, looking forward to hearing great things come from it! It's always a good feeling to complete an enormous program, and then to stand back and watch it work as planned.
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - February 16, 2007, 6:35 pm
The programming just displays the data in different ways... My biggest breakthrough will be programming the user.
This "system" is just like any other trial and error system I have created before, only this time everything is logged. It's more of a brainstorming session. Every elimination of possible numbers must be justifiedin writing before the draw, then each element is scrutinized post-draw to see what worked and what didn't... It's kind of like programming a neural network, only using actual neurons ;-)

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