Mega Millions Record??


As promised earlier, I went over all the old Mega Millions draws to see if the current jackpot level was a roll record. I started checking when the jackpot was at the $106 million level suspecting that was a record. I did not get completed until the jackpot reached the $130 million level. I thought for sure that level would produce a record.

I was surprised to discover that neither were records.

The $106 million jackpot was reached after 9 rolls. The 9 roll record is $138 million. Not even close.

The $130 million jackpot was reached after 10 rolls. The 10 roll record is $162 million. Again not even close.

I guess sales were much higher for Mega Millions in the past. There needs to be a very large Mega Millions jackpot before sales go back up to their old levels. But then again that may never happen. We may never see those roll records broken.

This observation falls in line with one of the current Lottery Post News stories about jackpot fatigue.

Entry #44


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