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test run: tonight's PB guess


Red Ball #29 is my guess.

here's how I arrived at it...

the "magic ratio" seems to be 2 to 1

Direction... in the 25 appearances of #15, the next powerball was higher 16 times and lower 8 times. It never repeated. (2 to 1 Higher)

Divisibility... my category name for odd/even. the 24 followers so far produced 16 odd and 8 even, advantage ODD (2 to 1)

the less than 2 to 1 events leading up to my pick are as follows...

HEXade Clustering... the highest number of followers of 15 end up in Hx5 (25 to 30)

based on that, we have a choice of 25,27 and 29

the oddball event is a "palindrome" potential in the follower list.

following the 15 in the last 4 appearances are 29,5,23,5,??

palindromes are all over the PB data, some in even longer chains than 5.

what I ignored...

"Hot Follower" the number 39 followed 15 3 times (12%)

Hot Follower has proven to be an unreliable indicator. but so has the HEXade cluster... but Hx5 has a higher percentage of hits than hot follower.

I bought one ticket for the draw, filled in the QP box AND 29 as PB so I have a "Q5" ticket. In 5 tries, the direction almost always holds out, the divisibility is right behind it. last week I caught 1+1,if I catch 0+1 or better this week, I will expand this to the sort order white balls (then eventually to draw order) for wed. draw.

good luck all :-)

Entry #122


truecriticComment by truecritic - February 17, 2007, 3:41 pm
We don't have PB (MI) - so, hope you are right - good luck!
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - February 18, 2007, 11:05 am
missed the number,32 was drawn.
it DID go up, but it was even and in the next HEXade...
on to the next draw...

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