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The system evolves...


Last Edited: February 18, 2007, 3:02 pm

Finally done sheets for red ball and the 5 white balls...

Now picks can be made from the data by filling in a "quiz" for each number.

Side-by-side, decisions can be made...

I must modify the Failure analysis form to include the white balls.

Here are the questions I fill in for each number...

Last number Drawn
Expected Direction (Higher/Lower/Repeat)
Confidence Index
Hot Follower
Hot Follower Count
Hot Cluster (HEXades)
Cluster Count Composite
Cluster Count LOW
Cluster Count MED
Cluster Count HI
Frequency of drawn number
Follows Raw Odds? (Y/N)
Odd/Even Count
Lower Numbers
Higher Numbers
Observed Higher
Observed Lower
Observed Repeats
Hot HEXade Subdivision ODD
Hot HEXade Subdivision EVEN


Once they are all side by side, I can make a more informed decision. Doesn't always work out (except for direction which is right about 75% of the time), but it IS the basis for all current work. I updated my sheets and got a pick within 1 hour. (a personal record considering how long it took before).

Still can't get down to just one line to play tho, but since I am getting about 10WB/2PB I think I'll get into the "Powerball Challenge" for wed.

Not waiting for Beta, this alpha system's goin for a LIVE fire test next draw!

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