My New Go To Video


Started using this and in 24 hrs time, my mind brought up the 3173 in NC for me.

Entry #3,144


Avatar NBey6 -
Okay this can't be a coincidence. I listened to this video for 1 hour today and went through my quick pick tickets and the 375 stood out for some reason. Well here is the result....

6-10-19 NC Midday 735

Even though both my hits were box hits { 3176 , 735 } now I know what to do next time $!$
Avatar Kinraht5 -
Nbey..You must be listening to this ...375 repeat !!!
Avatar NBey6 -
This video is outstanding you guys since I first posted this video, my awareness of hits that are coming straight has increased profoundly. I have only been listening to this 2 - 3 times a week, but that will change for sure now.
Avatar Kinraht5 -
Nbey you still listening to this?

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