Todd has told me that I am not allowed to promote my lottery groups on this board.

Therefore this is my last post or blog entry.

Goodbye and good luck.


Lotto Groups - the best way to win

Entry #47


Avatar justxploring -
Lotto Groups. We are all welcome here to post opinions, predictions and even chat about the world on our blogs. I'm quite sure you're one of the people who sent me a PM inviting me to join a group. Probably other people on this board got similar messages. I agree 100% with Todd.   I can't imagine how much time and effort went into constructing LP. It would be like building a home and having your neighbors move into it without paying rent. Good luck in the future.
Avatar justxploring -
By the way, I hope my comment wasn't taken the wrong way. I was only saying that I've always believed LP isn't for promoting one's own groups or site, but I'm sure Todd and the rest of us would like you to participate in discussions.

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