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arson fueled by lottery


Sis and I were the 2 women with the AWOL $5 million instant scratch off in Aug 2006 which was paid out in Oct 2006 to officials and uniforms and people  in our community who had touched our lives in some way.  We took the matter to Trenton, proving there was a lot of too much coincidence.  The people to whom we turned to for help, helped themselves.  We were threatened, robbed and burned out of our home on December 27, 2006 just four nights after I asked the police to remove a wire in our home which I was told they had installed.  Somehow the Slomin's alarm was being shut off and our home was entered at whim.  There was a solvent and wire and an electrical fire in the upstairs room where I had been on my computer composing my pointing finger letters.  Minutes after I went downstairs to check on my sister, a wall fire broke out in the room upstairs. I got my paralyzed sister out of the house, that small fire turned into one that destroyed the entire upstairs, my computer, our clothing, $10,000 in cash was missing, and my sister's medications were opened and exposed to heat making them toxic before they were returned to us.  Someone told our doctor that the meds were unsafe.  The sheet rock from the ceiling fell onto my head and shoulder when AI reenter the premise and I have a hairline shoulder fracture. Sis had a mild TIA and was taken from the hospital and placed in a long term care center with the forgotten as Social Service would not let me take her to the hotel or get her released until I found temp living arrangements.  She watched in silence as her home burned while I was screaming.  She is still suffering from post traumatic shock and instead of being a millionairess she was in a respite center with a catheter up her bladder.

There is some evidence the ticket was found in the house. 

What was not burned  and was left in the house was further stolen. The arson  is being smothered.  We did prove our purchase of our ticket.  Someone in Lottoland made a comment to me to proceed with caution.  Someone with a badge told me I was getting too close to the truth and people wanted us out of the house and out of the community.

Someone broke into this temp house.  The electric garage door fell on its side and the cable didn't snap.  The outside standpipe didn't seem to freeze, seemed to blow up causing a flood to the basement and street.  The garbage disposal had a foreign object in it  suddenly that was not of the house and Sis' handicapped sticker disappeared from the car parked in the garage.  All within 30 days.

There is still lotto money missing from the  payout as it was paid through a bank and tax sheltered account.  Clever.

NJ Lottery is still under consideration to be privatized.

Yes, it was stupid to have money in the house, but someone was accessing our accounts through the Internet. Hard lesson not to have put it in the safe box.  I know who took it.  Finders keepers, losers weepers.  They got our lottery ticket, our cash and burned us out of  our home. 

It was just one bad luck day after another since that $5.00 scratch.  Remember, the big money is usually at the end of the rolls because they want you to spend the bucks on the games.  Serious players check the stats every week to see remaining prizes.  Good luck.  May you not have our bad luck after rubbing out a ticket and remember to sign the back.  Our ticket even had the name crossed out and a second signature over it and it did not void the payout.

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ToddComment by Todd - February 24, 2007, 9:05 pm
Hate to say this, but you're either the most paranoid person on Earth, or the un-luckiest. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Life must be difficult for your sister. I commend you for being an angel to your sister.
Rick GComment by Rick G - February 24, 2007, 11:03 pm
Lorramil, I love you and Sis.   Sorry to hear your house burned down as well. Keep your chins up and forget about the Omaha steaks, OK?

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