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tried to post in your blog entry.it was locked for any comment.your last blog entry titled "the end is here." glad to see you found that.i'm on a similar quest myself but have to come to a definite point yet but i'm getting there.your happiness is what counts.good to see you want to live right.your on the right road.my aunt died yesterday and her birthday was today.she never did live right and managed to keep a lot of the family angry especially in the last couple years and we didn't talk.she took off with all of my grandmothers things that were left to me in 2002 when my grandmother passed.moved a few hundred miles away.i didn't persue the matter back then and i let her have the things just to keep the peace.well i'm going to be getting a few keepsakes finally and i've decided anyway to forgive her even though she did quite a few bad things left unprintable.its sad that only one out of her three children will be there for the burial but thats what happens when you live the wrong life.her death was unexpected.she died alone.it took three or four days before anyone to find her where she lived.seems if someone would've been there maybe she could've been saved.got me to really thinking about a lot of things.sure does pay to live right.i don't always do that.i'm one of those people that others say is a very nice person.i go out of my way to be nice.i don't live right a lot of times but thats my own battle with myself not others.i'd love to be able to attain peace but thats hard with screaming kids,looming bills and two wisdom teeth that are killing me,lol.i do think it does pay though to live right and do the best you can for yourself and do others the way you would like to be done.i hope you find happiness in the future and see ya again here at the post.....

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