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Results: LS 4.0 - Two 5th prizes! (05/05)


Last Edited: February 2, 2005, 5:08 pm

The winning numbers for wednesday's(February 2th) Viking Lotto:
12-14-24-31-32-36. Bonus numbers: 28-48

One unique recommended line played:
12-26-27-33-38-44 B1:45 B2:33

One number correct. Nothing new - still sucks at one line predictions.

10 recommended lines played:
07-11-24-38-42-44 B1:45 B2:17 (1/6)
04-08-10-14-16-31 B1:47 B2:25 (2/6)
14-15-17-31-36-45 B1:47 B2:34 (3/6)!
04-18-29-35-37-41 B1:26 B2:09
20-24-27-29-36-41 B1:45 B2:09 (2/6)
16-35-36-37-40-42 B1:42 B2:09 (1/6)
01-04-24-27-44-47 B1:44 B2:36 (1/6)
13-23-27-39-41-47 B1:42 B2:36
04-31-32-34-36-41 B1:22 B2:12 (3/6)!
04-07-25-37-41-47 B1:47 B2:35

Two lines with 3 out of 6 numbers correct! The program has hit 3/6 in 40% of the draws which is promising. But I need to see a longer pattern of wins before I can endorse this program.
For this program to break even I probably need to have one 4th prize win once every 12th week if we take into account the smaller prizes(3/6) I will win once in a while(if I play 10 lines). But I hope it will happen more often than that of course.

This time zero bonus numbers correct. Five unique numbers found in the recommended lines.

According to the analysis report for week 05/05 generated by Lotto Sorcerer the accuracy of the predictions will increase greatly when all 138 weeks of draw history has been registered. At the moment I am playing with a history of 61 draws. Minimum numbers of draws in the database to be registered before Lotto Sorcerer will predict is 48.

Need I say more: ! No...

Analysis report of Hot/Cold numbers by Lotto Sorcerer for week 05/05:

Edit: This analysis report is for the recommended one line listed above, but the 10 line analysis report doesn't differ.
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