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PB 3/17 results


From my prior prediction blog: 

'PB will be from the 20's or 40's, and will be 50-80 games 'old', 30's are possible, but I'm just going with a 20's or 40's.

WB groups will not be from the 20's, but will be from the 00's and/or 30's.

IF a number repeats from the last game, it will be either 39 or 44, I may also play 4 in a couple of games.

I am playing WB 28 in all games, and I am leaning towards PB of 41 in half of my games, and am undecided on the other PB.

I have a strong feeling towards WB of 7, 8 or 26, especially 26, but that would defeat my 'prediction' of no 20's group if I also plan on playing WB 28 in all games..   I am also playing WB 31 in a couple of games, which is following my 60% rule.

I am leaning towards a 3/2 split, I won't play a 2/3 split, I don't think. Maybe ONE of them.'


PB was #3 - it hit 6 games ago. I was wrong there. 

I was wrong on the group, it was a 40's group.  I didn't think it would be a 20's group, but that leaves 5 other groups to play - and you can't really play them all.

I did have 44 in 6 games (good), I had 4 in 3 games, and 39 in 3 games (both bad).

I changed and played WB 28 in 5 games, and 26 in 5 games, it didn't matter, neither hit.

I was totally off on the PB.  Oh well, I never expect to hit it.

I had #7 in 3 games (good), #8 in 3 games, #26 in 5 games,  #31 in 5 games.

I was kinda not expecting to have 3  2/3 games in a row, but we did....

All in all I had 2 games where I had 3 WB's, $7 each = $14. I spent $10.

I had 7-17-44 and 7-44-54.


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