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Why do I even try ?


Last Edited: March 19, 2007, 4:04 am

I've been playing the lottery very intently for 14 months now.

I would NEVER tell anyone I can predict what's going to happen number-wise, because I can't, nobody can.

That said, I have noticed some tendencies, but those tendencies come and go, those of you that have bothered to look at my proof on my website SHOULD know exactly what I'm talking about, because I have given some golden tips: not necessarily on what to play, but maybe what to avoid. If you tip the odds your way by avoiding something, that is a big help. I play what I think are 'types' of numbers, and I seem to be doing pretty good, even though I have to admit I have not hit any 4x5's in 2007 yet, but in 2006 I hit 4x5 nine times.

I also devoutly do not post any predictions prior to the games for the numbers, I'm superstitious in that regard: I posted my picks for a few weeks in early 2006 and won SQUAT. Not only did I win SQUAT - I barely got even ONE number in any of the 10 games I play every drawing. I stopped and immediately started winning (albeit 3x5's) again, then 4x5's a month later +.

I believe in the randomness of the PB lottery, I see trends, I play trends, and most (but not all) of those trends also change - some of them change alot. There are some very strong tendencies, and there are no computer programs out there that can predict what I see, and I found a new trend in the last 6 drawings that looks awesome, we'll see how it goes in the next 1-3 months.

Yet I have detractors that tell me I'm nuts, and that's fine - but they don't know my theories, my track record. I would NEVER tell someone their system is bad, or wrong, yet folks bash me almost every time I make a post.

It gets disheartening to have folks that know little about my theories telling me that I'm an idiot, that EVERYTHING is 100% RANDOM. Yes, it is random, but yes, certain parts of it are relatively predictable. Put all 6 parts together and you can retire, so far I'm getting 3 and 4 parts at a fair clip.... now I just need some better luck.

More later.



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