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Has anyone esle had a weird experience?


This is a true story regarding an event that happened when I was about 10 years old.  If I've posted this before, please ignore and skip this blog.  I've told many people about it before so if you're one of them just skip it.

This is not about UFO's, but it is just as strange.

My brother and I shared a bunk bed in my home as children.  The window right next to our bed was adjacent to a 4' X 10' foot alcove next to our bedroom that was surrounded by bushes.  There was a full moon that night and I was awakened by a figure digging a hole in the alcove right next to our window.  It was summer, we had no AC and the window was open.  I awakened my brother and we left the bedroom because we were scared and sat on the floor in the room adjacent to ours for about 10 minutes while he was digging so we could still see out the window and yet be away from this.  Then we saw the figure leaving our back yard going by each of the three windows of the adjacent room we were sitting in and exiting via the  gate of our back yard..

We thought we heard the front door of the house opening and closing, so we figured my Dad was doing something there (it was a man wearing a "farmer's hat" - kind of like an 1800's wide brimmed  job, but my Dad didn't own one of those to the best of my knowledge.)

The next day I went to look at this alcove to see what was dug up in there.  There were absolutely no signs of digging in the area.  All soil intact...Just grass & weeds, etc.  I showed my brother this and he agreed and we blew the whole thing off.

For 30 years he and I never discussed this but when we finally did, we both had the same memories of that night.  Now we talk about it 40 years later still trying to figure it out.

He moved out a couple years later after this event and I had the room to myself.  I was constantly having nightmares of ghost's presence and odd noises in my part of the house.  My mother always reassured me that "houses make noises". 

One night about 2 a.m. I was awkened to my mother and two sisters' screams.  I went to the bathroom where they were and my younger sister's face was full of blood and full of "cat scratches".

  My mother blamed it on our cat, but I've had 20 or more cat pets in my life and they just don't attack you like that in the middle of the night with multiple wounds in the face without a major provocation.  In fact I have only heard of one aggressive domestic house cat in my life and our little female calico had never shown violent tendencies.

 Just for background info, this was supposedly an Indian burial ground for the Sauk Indian tribe and in fact our street in Park Forest was named Sauk Trail for an ages-old Indian trail and our house was the low point in the neighborhood.  We found many Indian arrowheads in our backyard and I always thought that was a normal occurrence but have never found another arrowhead in the last 40 years of my life in any other places I have lived.

To finish a long story.....my grandmother and aunt moved in two houses away several years after that and had become friends with the people that now lived at my old home.  When I met them about 15 years ago I asked if I could tour the house for old times sake.  During our visit it somehow came up about the weird things that had happened in the house...and lo and behold....the woman of the house had experienced similar weird experiences including waking up to a "male ghost sitting on the edge of her bed".  Goose bump time.  I even had the creeps visiting the house that many years after I had lived there.

Very freaky...haunted house kind of thing.

Don't know what got me on that tangent but it will always be a question in my mind.

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Comment by Sedertree - February 13, 2005, 4:05 am

Terri and I moved to this new place late last year. A few weeks later I began began hearing strange noises here in the house. Not all the time but every once in awhile.

The strange thing is that our dog Midnight doesn't investigate these odd noises. She is very protective and always checks out any noise she hears. The noises are either muffled voices or sounds like someone is dragging something or sometimes like something falling on the carpet. Our neighbors are a good 200'-300' away. Even if it was the neighbors, Midnight would still be barking up a storm.

Terri gets the heeby-jeebies real easy so I didn't inform her of the happenings. Not even when the "spirit" manifested itself as a little bald man out of the corner of my eye down the hallway. Of course when I turned my head he was gone.

My step-daughter Alex has always been very "sensitive". It didn't surprise me when she told my wife and I that she seen an old man in the darkened hallway. I then had to confess that I too had seen him.

You ever have one of those experiences where you wake up but your body is paralyzed? I did not too long ago. Don't know why spirits like sitting on your bed in the middle of the night. I saw him come into the bedroom and sit at the foot of the bed. I'm freaking out... I couldn't move at all. Finally I was able to "drag" my body awake and ended up on the floor. Of course when I sat up we were alone.

Dead or alive.... At 3am, seeing anyone walking into your room while you're sleeping is not a good thing.
Rick GComment by Rick G - February 13, 2005, 5:04 am
George, thanks for responding. The very interesting correllation in our experiences is the paralysis that affects you at these times. When I slept alone in that bedroom I had these dreams of ghosts all the time and I was always paralyzed and couldn't run or scream, etc. The noises I would hear were indistinguishable but they were not normal "house noises" as my mother claimed. Also I frequently woke up with leg cramps so bad I would cry (maybe I was trying to run or something?). I have never had these type of experiences since we moved out. In fact, for the rest of my life my dreams have always been quite pleasant and complacent.
Another odd thing is that my bedroom and our family room were additions to the house and seemed to be the only places where these events occurred (same thing according to the new owner...She saw the "ghost" sitting on the edge of her bed which was in my old bedroom...luckily I never had that experience or I've blocked it out...otherwise I'd be more psychotic than I am now).
Hope your new home is coming along quickly so you can get out of there. I'm convinced that what you are experiencing is real and the heebie-jeebies aren't worth it.

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