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PROfile out... LoopRS in...


Last Edited: April 6, 2007, 7:33 pm

Next system in full swing


Latent out-of-position Repeating Sequences (or schedule, or any other S word that makes sense)

What this does is hunts for repeats, even out-of-position ones. For example, 12 is WB1 in one draw then comes back as WB2 in the next draw. My old format excel programs would miss this. When I tire of LoopRS, I shall keep the engine and revisit my old stat systems with this new backtest ability.

right now, I have a test sheet for Powerball, and a new one for PA cash 5 (a game I don't really play, but one with 4000+ draws and no matrix change in decades)

the hunt for the best fit must be done by hand, but the backtest is finally 100% automatic.

PB status - almost back to 2 years ago in WBs and almost 4 years ago in RBs

C5 status - back 11 draws so far, that excel file is almost 30 megs! (SLOW recalcs)

of interest is the subset LRS (Latent Repeating Sequence) for the red ball. Based on my belief that a pick 3 game is 3 sequentially unrelated draws of 1 in 10, I can take this new system to the daunting 10,000+ draw history of the venerable PA pick3 evening...

did I mention that this is my first system capable of adapting to any game?That's definitely a first for me. From now on I am dropping all the old systems I tried that cannot be backtested. I was faced with a challenge in the LoopRS backtest sheet because sometimes the picks would have doubles (or even triples), like 11 twice in one pick. A pretty clever use of a "uniqueness" check and some simple math helped me verify genuine hits only for backtest results.

I am hoping to have the PB history thoroughly checked by may, the C5 could take 'till the end of the summer! anyway, the live fire tests won't happen until I have completed the preparatory detective work currently underway.

as always the system will spit out just one number to play for the planed games....

1 PB ticket, 1 C5 ticket, 1 pick3 ticket (and if I feel particularly ambitious) 1 pick 4 ticket (evening only!, I don't do computer generated games like PA midday 3/4)

to paraphrase "Rage against the machine"

"Rally 'Round the Spreadsheet... Pocket full of Pens"Drum

Entry #128


time*treatComment by time*treat - April 6, 2007, 9:03 pm
Hyper, consider firing up your printer or off-loading your old systems to a thumb drive (or CD-r) rather than killing them altogether. It will seem pointless now, because they didn't win for you, but I still sometimes go back to my older code and dig up something for data handling or formatting, etc. Even code I thought I'd "never" have any use for again... years later, there I was ... glad I had "neglected" to erase it.
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - April 7, 2007, 10:50 am
yes, I have a thumb drive now (2GB)
and i tend to keep stuff for just that reason, no need to re-invent the wheel for some formulas.
I also backup now across my home network to the other PC.

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