live webcam from the beach in hawaii


live webcam from the beach in hawaii,sit and watch the waves from your chair....


Live webcam in Napili Bay, United States

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Avatar guesser -
I have a ton of links to webcams, one of the best ones is to the live webcams covering all of the freeways here in California, I think there are about 150 to choose from.
Avatar Todd -
I've been there myself. When I went to Maui I stayed at Napili Point. It's more beautiful than you can imagine.
todd i'd love to go there someday it is very gorgeous there.

hey guesser send me those links i'd love to see 'em,just pm them to me.
Avatar justxploring -
Mike, that looks nice. I haven't been to Hawaii since 1988.   I was there for 2 weeks. In Maui I stayed in the Kaanapali area. I thought the island of Kauai was very beautiful, but I prefer out sandy white beaches, although seeing a mountain or a volcano in the distance is always nice. There were many nice beaches in Hawaii. I didn't like Honolulu too much because of the crowds, but there is a lot to do. I thought the prettiest beach I've seen in quite a while was on Tortola. I wish I had made it to Saint John. I heard that's the prettiest of the Virgin Islands. Smuggler's Cove on Tortola was so pretty however, even if I did almost die trying to get there! If you ever go to the Virgin Islands, try the British islands. Hope you are having a great Easter!
Avatar justxploring -
I don't know how I jumped from Hawaii to Tortola. Just FYI, I know that they are thousands of miles away from each other! :-)   Just dreaming about beaches I've been to, I suppose. I'm also wondering how I used to be able to afford a vacation every year...usually 2. That was then and this is now!

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