Secure Web browser gets nice upgrade


Last year I had blogged about a new web browser called Browzar.

Browzar's claim to fame is its nice security features.  After you finish with your browsing session it completely cleans up all traces of your web surfing activity.

I just happed to be checking, and found that they have upgraded their web browser.  I'd strongly recommend that users of the old version download the latest (version 1.3).

As always there is absolutely no installation process.  You download one file, and you run it.  The program does not install anything else, and doesn't add to your Start menu.  It's the one file, and that's all!

Some of the attractive new features are:

  • Windows Vista compatible
  • Tabbed browsing, just like Firefox and IE7
  • Nice updated look and feel, which duplicates the layout of IE7
  • Enhanced secure cleanup mode, which if enabled does not just delete your web browsing activity and temporary files, it securely wipes the files, just like "shredding" programs that are commonly available
  • Mouse functions are now fully supported, including back/forward and scroll wheel
  • You can now set your own home page, which is significant, because it does store a small file on your PC if you choose to do this -- so that it can rememeber your home page the next time.  This is fine to do on your home PC (is not a security risk), but not something you'd want to do on someone else's PC, unless you don't care if an extra file is stored there.

There are still some things I'd like to see them add.  Namely, I miss my Favorites links when I use it.  I'd like to see them add a feature to either temporarily important the IE7 Favorites, or else display the IE7 Favorites that are available in the IE7 folder on the PC.

Nevertheless, it is a fantastic addition to any PC, as it's just one simple file, and adds some peace of mind when you want a web browser that does not leave tracks.

Here's the Browzar home page (you can find a download link there):

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Avatar sysp34 -
thank Todd for the review,

nice black themes yup it will give us secure online because it will delete history, cookies, temporary internet files, etc when we turn off the program
Avatar Todd -
Yes, it is perfect for anyone who surfs from a computer that does not belong to them, like an Internet cafe.

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