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Republican Senators demand Georgia GOP Sec. of State resign!


And with absolutely no evidence to back up their claims of voting irregularities. Apparently Loeffler and Perdue are upset because Republican Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger didn't break the law cheating to get them elected. It's almost like hearing a football coach after losing 48 - 10 whine about a "missed call" in the 4th Quarter except for the fact it looks like these two (Loeffler was appointed) United States Senators expected Raffensperger to break the law and change the legal outcome.

The thing that's really strange and getting scary are the people believing all the conspiracy theories on Twitter, Face Book, blogs, and most forms of social media. Some guy said he was an election official in Erie, PA and saw hundreds of Trump ballots in a trash can. It turned out not only wasn't the guy an election official he didn't live in Erie or even in Pennsylvania. Others are saying they are postal workers that watched election officials changing post marks. Never said why they were there how it was even possible.

The Republican City election commissioner in Philadelphia, Al Schmidt said on 60 minutes his office was getting death threats. People are creating lies because they know gullible people believe it and some will act. Spreading lies on social media is one thing, but threatening the lives of election officials can't be tolerated even among the die hard MAGA people.

The classy thing to do is to concede like every other runner-up in Presidential election did, but that ain't ganna happen.

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Comment by noise-gate - November 10, 2020, 9:44 pm
Remember when one of Lil Kim's General's did a " good thing" and people were silently saying how " great he was." Well, word got out to Lil Kim and he was overheard saying- " Do l promote him or do l kill him?' My Point being, Georgians saw first hand how Perdue was called a " Crook, and why he was a crook" namely voting to kill the ACA and its coverage of pre-existing conditions, then so show what a stand-up guy he is- he dodged the final debate to be at the side of our outgoing Leader.
Now Perdue is in a runout, and he wonders why? Talking about Death Threats, it seems to be par for the course among the faithful, after all, Adam Schiff got DT's as well for leading the charge in Impeaching our outgoing President. Death Threats seem to work in the Red States if you want to accomplish anything. By the way, where is our fearless leader?

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