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Rudy admitted that he was unfamiliar with the legal term strict scruntiny


As if after his running hair dye problem Rudy had any credibility left. Add Judge Matthew Brann to the long list of judges very critical of Trump's legal team. Brann's written opinion mention "inability to present a coherent argument — or to provide any legal support whatsoever for crucial elements on their claims".

But when the President decided to play some golf, skipping a special side conference that was focused on the corona virus crisis, you can't expect his legal team be top notch. But hey, his Kool-Aide drinkers are in for the long run regardless how many times they must be told they're following a snake oil saleman.

Entry #16


Comment by noise-gate - November 23, 2020, 2:32 am
Rudy's Matlock style of working the court is on full display, and the judges are not buying it.
On a side note: We knew this was coming. The Maga folks in Georgia are going after the governor & Sec of State, both these repubs are targeted because they not " doing enough" to get Georgia overturned for Trump. This could go nationwide. If you call yourself a Trump supporter & hold office, you better continue drinking that Kol-aid because any negative talk against Trump or not going to bat for him will mean you will get a conservative challenging you for that seat.
The repubs should have known this was coming, and the party could be split in two. This is the making of a perfect beast. Careful what you wish for!
Comment by Stack47 - November 23, 2020, 8:49 pm
Even Trump's supporters like Christy are calling Trump's team an embarrassment. The only question now is how many counts of campaign fraud will the Trump campaign be charged with?

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