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App is buggy - still working on it


Notes from last night:

App update.
I've added a dropdown menu for all of the states that I can see a pattern in.
But as of yesterday it was giving me false positives.
There seems to be a few lines of code missing from the robot that it is being built from.

I am sorting this out now.


This morning: Ok, the robot is working perfectly now!

However, I am afraid that there might be no way to output the winning digits for all of the states added in a single app. Well, not in my current price range anyway. The person I'm working with would like an additional $500 and I'm not willing to pay that at this time.

Nevertheless it is still a pattern detector - which I have NEVER seen on the app store before.
As a matter of fact, I've seen only a handful of people take a guess at what triggers the 3-6-9 pattern for their state - I am the first to state, "Hey yeah, I've definitely found it!".

I might have to market it as a pattern finder only whilst dispensing the 369 workouts.

Fingers crossed that I find a solution within my budget...or a partner with fat pockets before 7 days is up.
I need to get back to my actual job and these little people running around my house.

And I would like to get back to the FUN of playing the lottery and finally winning every time I play now!
And artistry...I miss graphic designing! And writing - I'm almost finished with my last novel. This has taken way longer than expected.

Perhaps I will do what some have suggested - which is subscriptions - so I can raise some money for my hired help to create an update to the app. That would be awesome!

Entry #10


Comment by Mobile Merchant - November 30, 2020, 10:21 pm
Good day BB!

Happy to see that you are being persistent with the development of that app. Cant wait to see the finished product! Btw there is a subscriber on lottery post who writes codes for workouts and such delights.

He is at a website called The Lottery Forum dot com. I think his user name on LP is cd-dvd. Hope that helps.

Also, I think you will find a market for the app if its generating consistent hits so that would be an option to explore when considering which option to choose.
I know of at least 3 entities on the web who may have something similar to what you are proposing of but due to Lottery Post`s terms I don't think those mentions are allowed on the site. I may be ill informed, but I stand to be corrected.

All the best and if you are so inclined you can try the 24X pair in Michigan combined to digits 0-9 for a workout I call the 2 DRTRN Hit Alert which is now due for a hit there.
Combos: 240 241 242....etc etc. Look out for a hit within 7-10 draws from either one or two combos from the lot within 10 draws or less starting Dec. 1st
Comment by BillionaireBabe - December 1, 2020, 5:13 pm
Thanks Mobile Merchant! We got it working perfectly last night - I'm posting an update really soon!

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