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anticipating LRS backtest on pa pick3/4 eve soon


because I hold each position in a pick 3 or 4 game as a separate entity,the OOP in LoopRS does not apply, hence the abbreviated LRS designation.

Since I must do each position separately, I am probably going to go back 10 draws at a time (side by side) to speed things up a bit. Just have to modify the formulas a bit so I can have everything on one sheet for each game.

LRS3 and LRS4 will be one ticket straightshooter systems, not backtesting box hits this time. no run-downs or workouts... I get what I get.

The LRS system will be backtested then put to "paperplay" on the LP predictions page for awhile. My biggest time killer is having to reconstruct the pick3 sheet from scratch. I have from 1977 to 2005 so far.

Based on the performance of the Cash5 backtest, I kind of have higher hopes for this pick3/4 system than normal. Heck I might even put this into actual play if it tests well...

BTW my LoopRS sheet is calling for #30 to fall as the red ball tonight in PB, let's see how that goes.

Also, sometimes in an OOP system,you get duplicate numbers in a pick... I resolve this by filling inthe bet slip with the unique numbers I have and also checking the QP box,it fills in the rest... 

Entry #132


hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - April 17, 2007, 11:21 pm
first 10 steps in Pick4 net positive (more money won than spent) return for LRS system!

First 30 steps in Pick3 net mixed, mostly negative results...

more to come.
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - April 20, 2007, 9:46 pm
better numbers/less backtested wins on P4
Better Numbers/More backtested wins on P3

for the handful that stray in here...
PA pick 3 picks for the weekend
Sat... 8-1-7
Sun... 2-2-7
PA pick4
sat 7-4-7-5
sun 8-4-9-8

as always ENTERTAINMENT ONLY (Play at own risk, I usually LOSE on p3/p4 tests) Picks for Evening only, PA only, days listed ONLY and Straight only...

these systems went thru a major overhaul tonight, fixed some errors and organized a realistic backtest system to speed things up... but BOTH still "infants"... I might go with 50cents on each just to ensure they DON'T hit (<<< reverse psychology, hope lady luck skips parenthetical info)

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