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$170 million reasons.


And still counting! That's how much Trump got from his naive followers by simply making a bald faced lie about the election results. I know the Kool-Aid he gave you is strong, but not one member of his "legal team" has produced anything that remotely resembles "wide spread voter fraud". But hey, after millions believed the 20,000 other lies, one more lie won't matter. And it's none of my business how other people waste their money.

Read where Trump paid $3 million for a Wisconsin recount in two counties and the results showed Biden expanding his margin by 74 votes. But what else could be expected from someone that bankrupted six New Jersey business? 

Still waiting for any proof of voter fraud.

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Comment by noise-gate - December 2, 2020, 6:49 pm
The Dark Lord has his minions eating out of his hand. I read where his outfit was willing to pay 50 cent close to a million dollars for just “ showing up to “ one of his rallies- of course to get the black vote. 50 said “ Nah” cause he said he didn’t know what he would have to do to recover from that.

I am willing to bet that if Trump put all his allegations on a live feed & streamed it for $29.95- he would be millions of dollars in the black in Minutes, such is his gullible flock. Says he “ may run” in 2024, really? I can definitely see him pushing every contender out of the way 4 years out, they all scared of him, he owns them, but if he ran and lost, would he say they “ twice robbed him “ of the election? The silence from the right is killing me though.
Comment by noise-gate - December 4, 2020, 1:18 pm
Some blogs here which have “ blocked “me are a complete joke. Pushing the conspiracy theories that there was fraud afoot on this election.
Funny how all this “ stuff is coming out NOW” when lawyers of the President aka Rudy etc have not presented this same stuff in court, why it is?
If this stuff is so radioactive, meaning the “ smoking Gun” why on earth is this not being commented on on reputable TV stations or news organizations? Why do these videos of evidence not find it’s way into the hands of State Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan & Nevada? Getting all excited about “ what we found “ is similar to picking up a rock thinking it’s a precious gem, only to be told you holding a cow chip.

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