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LoopRS Update


Getting at once closer yet more frustrating with each PB draw...

analysis of the last draw...

PB LoopRS pick 07-35-36-44-47 + 32

Drawn Numbers 22-26-28-33-45 + 17

not so hot... PB number proving to be the most elusive so far.

from "paper play"... last night's PA cash5

LoopRS pick 03-07-23-28-36

Drawn line  04-08-23-24-34

close but no cigar

pick4 test

LRS 7-4-7-5

Draw 6-5-4-1

pick3 test

LRS 8-1-5

draw 1-0-4

overall not too hot, Cash5 showing the most promise so far.

the pick3 should be performing better, but I have thousands of steps to go through to find the right setting for that one, same with pick4 and even cash 5

I am well near done the red balls and 1/3 done the white balls in PB. I hold the highest hopes based on backtests for the Cash5. I might even go live playing the C5 in a few months (maybe ready by mid summer).

the pick3 however has the highest incident counts, where the numbers generated match the picked numbers 10% to 11% of the time, they just don't line up together very well yet. (by contrast, the red ball in PB only matches 5%, and that's been my BEST system result to date...).

my goals are to get these systems thoroughly tested and running by september and maybe I'll go all out and even play the pick3 or pick4 until december (because on december 31, if I don't have at least 1 win from any system, I'm "retiring" the spreadsheets for good and accepting my lowly lot in life as that of a 1QP powerball player for the rest of my days)

I want 1 hit for pick3 (straight shooting for p3/p4 no boxes and no mid-day)

I want 1 4/5 from C5

and I want 1 4+0 or 3+1 fromPB

any one of those happen and I'll feel like my work was worth something...

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