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Results LS 4.0: Could have been better - week 08/05


The winning numbers for wednesday's(February 23rd) Viking Lotto:
1-22-23-40-41-47. Bonus numbers: 26-30

One unique recommended line:
05-09-20-28-34-39 B1:04 B2:32

Zero numbers correct. Has happened a lot. A few times it has even hit one number correct.
I am not sure how Lotto Sorcerer was programmed to act if you only ask for one line.
If it was not programmed to always pick the most probable numbers when asked for only one line, but instead only randomly pick numbers among hot and cold, Satori Publishing should do something about it.
Yeah, yeah, I know. Lotteries are random, but any way...

10 recommended lines
11-14-27-29-42-43 B1:04 B2:20
05-07-09-18-30-32 B1:16 B2:18 (1 bonus number)
03-17-25-36-40-43 B1:28 B2:34 (1/6)
13-23-33-36-43-44 B1:13 B2:37 (1/6)
08-24-25-30-43-44 B1:01 B2:36 (1 bonus number)
03-04-08-11-23-44 B1:29 B2:35 (1/6)
03-04-08-11-27-30 B1:02 B2:36 (1 bonus number)
14-22-25-43-47-48 B1:05 B2:32 (2/6)
05-15-29-38-39-46 B1:04 B2:17
05-06-22-23-27-48 B1:11 B2:17 (2/6)

Another week with only 2 out of 6 numbers correct. The percentages of wins is now down to 37.5% which is still a lot better than random quick picks. But it better not have dropped to below 40% when the test is over.
4 out of 6 numbers drawn was found in the recommended lines. One bonus number drawn was also found in the recommended lines.

Perhaps it was a mistake to only register 57 draws in the history database and not the maximum 138 draws before starting the test?

up as usual! Just wait, next week...
Entry #20


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